Why Are SIM Contracts So Confusing?

23rd January 2023
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SIM contracts are notoriously confusing. This can be daunting for companies if they are considering leasing or buying business mobiles for their staff.

Yet there is no reason why SIM contracts need to be convoluted. This often comes down to the provider trying to make more money off their customers by making the terms and conditions a headache to untangle.

By choosing an ethical supplier of SIM contracts, businesses can have a simple solution with transparent billing.

What Is A SIM?

A SIM card in your phone is a subscriber identity module. This smart card holds identification information that links your smartphone to a specific mobile network, for example, O2 or Vodafone.

If your phone lacked a SIM, it could potentially still carry out many functions. Modern smartphones are often likened to mini-computers because you can browse the web and social media, and utilise great features with apps while on Wi-Fi.

However, without a SIM your mobile is limited because some will not be able to make calls or connect to 4G or 5G or send texts.

The type of information a SIM carries is usually stored text messages, network authorisation data, identity, phone number, personal security keys and contact lists.

SIM Only Vs Phone Contract

SIM vs Phone

When purchasing end-user phones or business mobiles, you are often presented with SIM-only contracts or phone contracts. The difference is that with a SIM-only contract you purchase your SIM contract plan (paying for your calls and data etc) separately to your phone contract. For example, purchasing an iPhone from the Apple store and then ringing Vodafone to set up your SIM-only plan.

You can also get phone contracts locked into your SIM contract, so you’re paying off the phone alongside the SIM.

Why Are SIM Contracts Perceived As Confusing?

The real reason that SIM contracts are confusing is the glut of information and how it is presented by the phone company. There are usually:

  • References to tariffs which rise in line with CPI (consumer price index)
  • Roaming charges if your leave the country
  • Deals and discounts

While that might sound straightforward, phone companies often nest the important information inside a lot of jargon and fluff. This discourages people from reading too closely and then not noticing price changes or if they are getting a poor deal. For businesses, this can also mean having a contract that doesn’t best match their company objectives or workers’ roles because they don’t have time to sift through the information.

SIM contracts for businesses also tend to be more complex because you need more data and unlimited calls and messages to free your staff to do their best work from anywhere and stay in connection with clients and their teams.

A Better Solution To Business Phone And SIM Contracts

Fortunately, SIM contracts do not have to be a headache or time consuming for companies.

Phones For Teams is a unique approach to business mobiles which simplifies SIM contracts. It is a DaaS-style approach to sourcing smartphones for businesses but one that is truly comprehensive to cover every aspect of a company’s business mobile needs.

So, what does this entail?

DaaS means Device as a Service. It is a subscription model for leasing computer hardware for businesses. It is one of the best systems for offering a solution that is strategic for businesses sourcing devices. The reason for this is that it does so much more than simply spread costs through the monthly lease system. It also comes with a whole host of benefits and services to make operations easier for companies, for example, automatic upgrades to the latest technology, and inbuilt technical support.

Phones For Teams is a DaaS model for business mobiles and is part of Devices For Teams. The system allows companies to source all their business computer equipment in one place, including laptops, desktop computers, tablets, 2-in-1 devices, and smartphones.

Devices For Teams is already one of the most comprehensive DaaS solutions on the market with superior support, advice, the ability to add, swap and return devices without penalty, MDM management and remote deployment.

Phones For Teams takes this ethos of elevated services and applies it to business mobiles. Unlike other providers, you can get enterprise-level smartphones and SIM contracts from one supplier. This makes the process quicker and simpler.

Why is Phones For Teams a better option for businesses?

The contracts are unlocked from one another giving businesses the ultimate flexibility. They can swap SIMs between any smartphones they lease and continue on with phone contracts without SIMs if they wish or vice versa.

phones for teams with hardsoft

Phones For Teams also offer a greater choice of lease length for both the mobiles and the SIMs. This gives businesses the ability to truly customise their contracts to make it work for their business plan and employees.

The SIM contracts are also limitless, so businesses will always have the data they need for employees to keep collaborating. They are on the most reliable networks of O2 or Vodafone which has the best connectivity across the UK. This could allow businesses to hotspot, even in the event of a broadband outage.

There is elite support available from mobile specialists for both the SIM and your phone, all accessible in one place.

All this is an advantage for business owners but one of the biggest benefits is the transparency and clarity offered in the Phones For Teams SIM contracts. They have been designed to be straightforward and easy to understand. The highly trained mobile specialists at Phones For Teams also take the time to explain terms and rates clearly at every turn.

Phones For Teams Limitless SIM Benefits Summed Up:

  • Limitless SIM
  • Transparent contracts that are easy to understand
  • No sudden jumps in price due to CPI
  • EU roaming
  • Phones and SIM from one supplier
  • Unlocked contracts for maximum flexibility
  • Custom contract lengths
  • SIMs work in any device
  • Best connectivity on the most reliable networks
  • Superior customer service
  • Support from mobile specialists
  • Mobile and SIM support in one place
  • Phones and SIM from one supplier