What Are The Benefits of 5G?

7th January 2022
5G From anywhere

With the advent and increased adoption of 5G, it’s useful for businesses to truly understand the significance of this technology.

As expert suppliers of business-grade computer equipment and smartphones, Hardsoft have detailed knowledge of the changes that companies can expect from 5G and how it can shift and assist the way employees work.

More smartphones, laptops, and tablets are coming to the market with 5G capabilities by default, while more mobile network companies roll out 5G for their customers.

In some ways, 5G has been a long time in the pipeline thanks to the changes in fundamental infrastructure that must take place. Now that those advancements are progressing, 5G is opening up new doors for businesses. Network carriers have been stepping up their rollout of 5G throughout 2020 and have been widening this further in 2021.

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What is 5G?

It is the 5th generation of mobile network. We all remember 4G and 3G, well this is the new global wireless standard. It will create a powerful network that we can all eventually use for better connectivity and for applications beyond smartphones.

5G runs off of radio frequencies just like all smartphones but it is fascinating for many users and industries because it helps more and more devices beyond smartphones connect to 5G. This opens up a lot of possibilities for technological advancements and new innovative ways of working.

  • 5G will enhance global connectivity and is known for its:
  • Higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds
  • High reliability compared to 4G
  • Larger network capacity
  • Increased availability
  • Low latency
Faster Speed

It is basically a big increase in the quality and consistency of connectivity for companies’ workers.

Business Benefits Of 5G

Faster Speeds – 5G can deliver speeds of up to 20GPBs. This is, naturally, a boost to efficiency. Previously, 4G was good but couldn’t really compare to the speeds of our home Wi-Fi. With 5G, that is not the case anymore. 5G could be up to 100 times faster than 4G, so you could download films in seconds rather than minutes. The possibilities for online gaming and video streaming are huge. Staff could save massive amounts of time by using 5G. It saves users almost one whole day per month that they would have previously lost waiting for downloads. This makes 5G a strong alternative to home broadband connections.

Lower Latency

Low Latency – This is the time between action and response i.e., from when you click to when an action happens in response. For certain industries, like automotive and manufacturing, among others, this will be the most interesting benefit. It can enhance and spearhead the IOT (Internet of Things), so technology like smart-homes, smart-devices, self-driving cars etc can blossom with connectivity.

Increased Capacity – 5G could potentially have up to 1000x more capacity than 4G. This would mean that it can connect more devices and high demand applications at once. For remote workers, and those out in the field, they should no longer notice that drop in performance when out working with 5G vs Wi-Fi or ethernet in the office. Most of the time, that drop in performance would have been immediately noticeable and tangible with most tasks on 4G, especially in certain locations. Theoretically, even in urban areas there should be enough capacity with 5G.

More Bandwidth – This should vastly reduce the case of fighting for data when multiple people are using data connected devices in an area. For businesses, this can enable staff to work in more locations, allow for more field workers, more productivity, and no quality drop between 5G and Wi-Fi staff.

However, businesses should remember that the rollout of 5G still needs to advance a long way and there is still a limit in global coverage, plus a decreased broadcast distance. More 5G towers are required to bypass this, but we are seeing huge investment in the infrastructure, which is now being put in place across the UK.

Better area of connectivity

Thanks to the IOT and the way 5G can bring more reliable connectivity to a greater number of devices, there are some amazing technologies that can evolve faster and benefit from 5G. This includes the science of robotics. The actual technology and knowledge already exist but the everyday applications of robotics have been limited due to limited connectivity. Some industries should see a wave of new opportunities with 5G. Automotive, warehouses and manufacturing can see a significant improvement in automation if robotics takes a leap forward thanks to 5G. It is also a big factor in the rollout of reliable self-driving cars. For most businesses, mobile PCs are going to revolutionise the remote worker experience and truly set people free to work from anywhere.

How Can Hardsoft Help you Advance with 5G?

Firstly, Hardsoft can supply the best laptops on the market with built-in 5G capabilities. The Galaxy Book Pro 360, the Lenovo XP Hybrid and the Lenovo X1 Carbon are our new 5G laptops. Soon we can also provide 5G iPads from Apple.

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We also offer free 10GB of mobile data broadband with selected 5G laptops. We can supply new 5G laptops and help you enable 5G on other laptops too.

To make 5G as affordable as possible, Hardsoft provides fantastic Pay Monthly SIM only tariffs with an array of data packages for very low rates.