Thinking of getting BT Infinity? STOP… and call us first!

28th October 2015
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Upgrading to BT Infinity or Fibre ? Speak to us first before you end up losing the internet altogether

Thinking of updating your current Broadband to Fibre Optic? What a great idea! With BT offering up to 76Mb download speeds at great prices, why wouldn’t you? This is happening up and down the country, our customers are upgrading in their droves. We know this, because after installation, they are on the phone to us in complete despair as their networks no longer work!
Fibre Optic Broadband does not work in the same way as ADSL broadband. The existing kit that you have may not be compatible with your new service and steps need to be taken to ensure a bt infinityseamless delivery. Although a router may be provided, it will most probably not be efficient enough for your business. It is important to ensure that you have all bases covered and do not agree to a new contract and installation before you have spoken to us. We will be able to explain what you need to update in your system and why. Once you have had installation, you cannot go back. The old internet will be cut off and you cannot have it re connected immediately to carry on with your day to day business. We are striving to ensure we have companies up and running as quickly as possible but it is becoming a large drain on our technical staff and with prior planning with us we can avoid downtime.
We are not attempting toTired Businessman put you off, BT Infinity and Virgin Media is amazing, it is super fast (not as fast as Virgin) and reliable… We just want you to talk to us FIRST. The number of technical queries we are encountering from customers AFTER they have had the installation is growing rapidly. If you are thinking about moving to Fibre there will be a number of options for you, depending on your size and the nature of your technology.
Over the last 2-3 years we have provided the Draytek 2830n and the Draytek 2860n as our standard Firewall/Routers with all Mac and Windows Servers on lease. The 2860n is compatible and you should ditch the Fibre modem supplied by BT and configure the 2860n to use its own internal Fibre compatible modem. This is switched off when using normal broadband. The 2830n does not have an internal modem but can be reconfigured to use the external supplied Fibre modem in MOST circumstances. The circumstances when it cannot be used is when the HardWare installed at the Exchange is of an older nature. This therefore means that is you are using the 2830 then you will only be able to find this out when you reconfigure it. Essentially if you have a 2830N then you will need to upgrade to a Draytek 2860n . The cost of a new 2860n is £209 plus VAT inc delivery.
If you have the 2860n we can book a Remote configuration session will cost as little as £125 from one of our highly trained and dedicated technical staff. Do not lose your accessibility, ensure your business is always connected.
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Call us on 0207 111 1643 or email technical@hardsoft to help us to advise you on the changes you will encounter and the effects on your network. Make the switch to BT Infinity painless and use HardSoft technical support.