Simulate an attack on your IT network and identify your susceptible staff

9th May 2018

Sophos attacked our network, here’s what we learned: Sophos Phish Threat simulates a real-time virtual phishing attack against your company, this is a brilliant new tool from Sophos that allows you to better understand and secure your network, giving you valuable information pointing out exactly where and how your network might be best exploited by […]

Mac Users – It Might be Time to Add a Windows Server

24th January 2018

If you have Macs your current network solution is likely to include a Mac mini, or even an XServe, configured with additional Server Apps from the App Store to enable functions such as file sharing and permissions etc. The big issue with this is that since the old OSX server upgrade to the new version […]

Exchange vs. Office 365

7th July 2016

What email server software is running your business?? Thinking of making the jump to Microsoft Office 365? Is it the right choice for you though? Historically Microsoft Exchange Server  was the only option for your email. With the emergence of Office 365 in 2011 you can now opt to keep all of your data in […]

Managing your network through leasing, without an IT geek

4th July 2016

Creating a network – no matter the size of your business – is advantageous as it allows you to share one internet connection, files, printers, resources and endless other peripherals. A network basically makes it easier for everyone to work, but they usually necessitate IT expertise. As IT geeks ourselves, we feel we can freely […]

Server RAID options explained

21st November 2015

When leasing a Server, our customers are usually aware that they need to state which Raid rating they require, thanks to an outside source like an IT consultant. They just do not know what it actually means. If you would like a VERY simple explaination, read on… RAID is an acronym for Redundant Array of […]

Thinking of getting BT Infinity? STOP… and call us first!

28th October 2015

Upgrading to BT Infinity or Fibre ? Speak to us first before you end up losing the internet altogether Thinking of updating your current Broadband to Fibre Optic? What a great idea! With BT offering up to 76Mb download speeds at great prices, why wouldn’t you? This is happening up and down the country, our […]

Promise Pegasus2 – The first Thunderbolt 2 storage

27th February 2014

The latest storage solution from Promise, Pegasus 2, certainly lives up to the company’s known ability to provide state-of-the-art equipment for members of the creative industry. What’s more, the Pegasus 2 is now available to lease from HardSoft on a flexible business lease basis. So what is the Pegasus 2? Essentially, Pegasus 2 is a […]

Cloud Server vs Your Own Server

12th December 2013

Cloud computing is becoming more and more common place as time goes on but is it really the best solution for hosting your data and all of your needs when it comes to storage and should you retire your old Server for the new Cloud options ? Something that is still an issue in the […]

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