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Protect your PC Network with Malwarebytes.

Recently with the re-emergence of the Crypto Ransomware virus coming back in to our lives and evolving faster than your favourite Pokemon, we have been spreading the word of how to avoid a cyber attack. We are also under constant threat of ‘Malvertising’ – when a legitimate URL you click on contains an infected ad banner. Annoyingly, this leads to the victim being infected without even clicking on an attachment.Malwarebytes solution

If your business has been subjected to a virus, you will know all of the problems that it can cause you. There is a danger of data loss, data being stolen for malicious reasons, computers out of action, spreading the virus to your clients and taking your website out of action. All of this will impact your business costing you legally, regulatory, and damaging your reputation. Companies are paying out thousands of pounds to rectify the damage done. Paying a ransom, calling on an engineer to restore data and the time out of your business for a small offence will still cost you dearly. read more


Hiscox Cyber and Data risks Insurance

Lately our blogs have had a bit of a virus focus. With Crypto virus rearing its ugly head- so many of our customers are suffering We want to help you to protect yourselves against malware. Virus’ are spending and updating so quickly, it is imperative that you keep on top of your protection. Because of this, Hiscox UK are now offering Cyber and data risks insurance, we are interested, are you??

Larger companies with dedicated IT staff and firewalls are much more difficult to target than smaller companies. Hackers are no longer sitting in a dark room tapping away for each hack, they write programmes that can run at the touch of a button. As smaller companies are the ideal target,Hiscox insurance company logo it is so important that you are covered. read more


‘Have you tried turning it off and on again?’ Five IT clichés which work

When it comes to IT clichés, we’re divided into two camps: those that give the possibly barbed replies and those who receive them – probably because we asked for something totally stupid. That’s not to say that all responses supplied by tech support et al are snarky, nor are all the queries levied in their direction lazy, but it has to be said, there are a handful of answers which have earned almost legendary status, not purely because they are such dreadful clichés, but because they actually work. Here are our top five: read more


Exchange vs. Office 365

What email server software is running your business?? Thinking of making the jump to Microsoft Office 365? Is it the right choice for you though?

Historically Microsoft Exchange Server  was the only option for your email. With the emergence of Office 365 in 2011 you can now opt to keep all of your data in the cloud on Microsoft’s dedicated servers. You do not need to install and maintain an on site email server but it comes as a subscription. Although Microsoft still offer Exchange, they are no longer promoting it in the SME space, preferring for people to take out their subscription based services. There are pro’s and con’s to both methods, ultimately it is your decision… here is some information to help you to make that decision. read more