What Are The Business Benefits of Apple Business Manager?

27th January 2021
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Many companies have now faced repeated disruptions to business operations following multiple national lockdowns.

In September 2020, around 60% of the UK workforce was homeworking. Regardless of the pandemic, 26% plan to continue working from home following the introduction of the vaccine.

The result is that the pandemic has put a squeeze on your cashflow, and stress levels are high. You must be discerning with your business investments.

Apple Business Manager is a simple way to revolutionise your office for better remote working. It will ultimately help you save time and money when implementing and managing new devices.

ABM isn’t just another tool or tech buzzword to add to a long list of costly systems. It delivers tangible, bottom-line business benefits that will make working in the pandemic easier and more profitable long-term.

How Will Apple Business Manager Help My Company Financially Prosper- Six Reasons?

There’s a whole host of exciting features within ABM that improve day to day working in your company, but some of the most important business benefits are:

  • Day to day operations are straightforward for remote staff and managers.
  • Providing quality hardware is COVID safe for your team.
  • It makes remote working far easier.
  • It can boost business security even with remote workers.
  • It can increase staff productivity.
  • It’s a flexible low-cost investment.

1) Easier Working For Staff & Managers

One of the problems with a remote team, especially ones that had to transition abruptly due to lockdown orders, is the lack of control.

Staff aren’t used to working at home. Managers and IT support aren’t right next to them to solve issues or manage their workflow.

Luckily, Apple Business Manager can help directors and supervisors regain control of their teams and their corporate devices too.

It is incredibly simple to enrol with ABM. It is intuitive, user friendly and makes working straightforward and simple for staff at all levels.

Managers can remotely edit roles for administrators, manage Apple IDs for those admins, allow them to remotely organise apps for the rest of the staff, and configure or update device settings.

2) Safer Remote Working

By using Apple Business Manager solutions, business owners can bulk order Apple devices and have them sent to employees’ homes.

You can also remotely set up everything your employees require on their devices, so IT staff need never interfere with, or touch the hardware. This is a triumph for COVID safety procedures.

3) More Effective & Simpler Remote Working

Pre-pandemic, in-office employees were still losing on average 22 minutes of each day with tech issues. Much of that came from not having the right technology to hand.

This is something that particularly worries most business owners; ‘Will my new remote workers be held up by not having the right applications to hand, or by outdated hardware at home?’

Apple Business Manager not only gets the right hardware to employees, delivered straight to their home, they can be out-of-the-box ready to go as well.

ABM’s big claim to fame is allowing the remote setting of all the apps, tools, and platforms your team requires on their own devices, wherever they are.

This cuts down on confused staff wasting time learning how to install all the right applications.

4) Better Data Protection

The biggest fear for managers, with the sudden shift to remote working, is security.

This concern is highly justified. Your company and client information is now sitting on home laptops. These could be lost, stolen, hacked, or have poor, out of date security software, etc.

There’s also a higher chance of human error, negligence, or disgruntled employee spite playing a role in data breaches when everyone works from home on portable devices.

Thanks to ABM, managers can register all Apple devices on their account, and remotely wipe or lock missing devices. You can also monitor policy and app usage and compliance remotely.

5) Increased Productivity

Apple products are well known for being easy to set up efficiently and help workers do their job to the fullest.

IBM reports show that Apple Mac users are happier and more productive.

ABM makes this even more seamless. Remote application management for your team’s devices is just another boost to your workforce’s productivity.

6) Cost Effective

Enrolling with Apple Business Manager is completely free. There are complementary systems, such as setting up an MDM and DEP that make it even better for convenience and security.

Fortunately, these options also come with flexible costing thanks to Hardsoft’s Flex-12 device leasing solutions.

Sadly, the pandemic will see many businesses bite the dust. The ones that survive will be able to react and adapt rapidly to the new normal. Apple Business Manager is a solution that makes this evolution much more streamlined.

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