How Apple Business Manager Increases Security for Remote-Working Devices

20th January 2021
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Utilising Apple Business Manager, alongside a compatible MDM system, is the key to ensuring control over your devices for remote workers.

How Has the Pandemic Impacted Remote Working?

The shift to remote working is bringing many technical changes and security concerns for businesses.

Remote working was already on a steady rise before the pandemic. In 2019 the percent of remote workers was 4.7% and that had tripled since 1981.

However, the safety requirements caused by COVID 19 have accelerated this trend in a monolithic fashion. In February 2020 remote working had risen to 43.1%.

Even in the summer, when lockdowns were eased, the percentage of home workers remained at 36.5%.

While distribution of a vaccine has begun in the UK, the necessity for remote working has created a cultural shift. The appetite for working at home is likely to remain high.

In fact, the global number of permanent home workers is predicted to double in 2021.

Studies show that staff can be just as productive working from home, but it creates other challenges for businesses, including:

  • How to give new and existing employees access to all the tools they require to work effectively from home.
  • Ensuring workers have quality hardware in order to work from home.
  • Protection of sensitive company data on remote working devices.
  • Protection of hardware in the event of a staff member leaving the business or losing a device.

So, how can businesses quickly pivot to allow their staff a productive experience with remote devices, while maintaining data security and control?

That’s where Apple Business Manager comes in…

What is Apple Business Manager?

Apple Business Manager is the ideal way for you to deploy apple devices in bulk to your workforce where they need them, and fully manage them remotely.

It is free and simple to initiate. Hardsoft can streamline enrolment and deployment of ABM.

Whether you need to send devices, with ready to go applications, to one new worker or a whole team, ABM has been designed specifically to support businesses in these circumstances.

Let’s now look at how ABM can enable your workforce to get up and running with their remote devices without posing security risks.

How Does Apple Business Manager Aid Remote Working?

Apple Business Manager makes it incredibly straightforward to send Apple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops to your staffs’ homes.

What makes ABM so beneficial for remote working is the ability to remotely set up the apps your team will need on their devices.

All devices are ready to go out of the box, and it is completely safe. There is never a need for your IT staff to have physical contact with the devices.

Apple Business Manager offers an array of features to help remote staff work better from anywhere:

  • Get Apple devices sent to employees wherever they are.
  • Send Apple devices in bulk.
  • Remotely set up and update all the apps staff will require on remote working devices without physical contact.
  • Bulk application deployment.
  • Set and edit roles for various administrators.
  • Create VPP tokens allowing delegation of admins to manage app licenses.
  • Manage Apple IDs for employees that need administrative access to ABM.
  • Configure and update device settings.
  • Monitor compliance to policies such as app usage and encryption.
  • Query devices for settings and content.
  • Remotely wipe or lock devices if lost or stolen.
  • Purchase app credits through a PO and add them to the ABM portal.

How Can Apple Business Manager Ensure Device Security with Remote Working?

For protection of corporate data, it is recommended that businesses employ an MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution alongside Apple Business Manager.

Apple Business Manager is not an MDM and alone it cannot offer the utmost security protection for your data when using remote workers.

ABM is an excellent choice for businesses as it is compatible with several high performing MDM solutions, such as Jamf.

This approach allows you to securely and remotely configure all devices your employees use.

Even staff using their own devices can access additional apps and features via mobile device management.

What’s really powerful about AMB with an MDM, for security purposes, is that you can securely link Apple devices with the company directory. This includes both corporate devices and ‘bring your own device deployments’ (where staff use their own personal hardware).

You do not have to lock down the devices because specialist technology allows the transfer and communication of your corporate data between the required apps yet prevents leaks of data into to staff’s personal apps and cloud services.

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