Why Are Microsoft Surface Tablets So Popular?

13th December 2021
microsoft surface tablets

Microsoft Surface are among the most popular pieces of computer hardware on the market. They’ve earned a reputation for excellence within the business sphere thanks in part to Microsoft’s trusted brand identity.

Microsoft is synonymous with computer hardware in the public psychology. Alongside Apple, Microsoft are easily the biggest names in computer equipment.

However, there are other reasons that these Surface devices are so well received by businesses.

Surface Pro 8
  1. Versatility – The vast majority of Microsoft Surface products are flexible and can carry out multiple roles. They are well known for their plethora of 2-in-1 laptop/tablet devices. All of the Surface collection strive to be highly portable while still delivering speed, power, and impressive performance.

  2. Extensive Consumer Choice – The Microsoft Surface family is noticeably big, and it will soon get bigger as more new models are due to hit the shelves. This gives businesses and their staff a great deal of control over their choice of hardware. Such is the quality of the equipment, that older models are still high performing and a good choice for those looking to save money.

  3. Customisation – Nearly all Microsoft Surface products come with a choice of models. This goes far beyond simply consumer and business models; it also lets you choose display size for some products or CPU for others to ensure the right power and performance for your individual needs. That’s an enormous amount of detailed choice and customisation you don’t always see with other manufacturers.

  4. Something For Every Niche – Microsoft has a device for all the expected types of core hardware users. There are devices for IT professionals, intricate creative graphic designers, traditional office tasks, light users, remote on the go users, advanced corporate and finance users. However, there is also equipment to fill every single role with few gaps. Some of the differences between devices are subtle, meaning that businesses can really drill down to get the perfect piece of equipment for each role in the business. It is very simple to add a little more power and speed or save money. Businesses won’t find themselves with tough choices or big jumps in tech with huge gaps since Microsoft Surface aims to cater for every type of business user imaginable.
microsoft surface ecosystem

The Microsoft Surface Ecosystem

Microsoft boasts a particularly rich ecosystem that is always growing.

There is a large collection of products from which to choose. With a host of new models due to hit the shelves, there will be Microsoft devices to fit every business, job role, and niche.

Versatility, scope of choice, customisation and covering all work types makes the Microsoft Surface range very strong and attractive to businesses. There’s no one size fits all approach.

The ecosystem covers powerful traditional laptops, interactive whiteboards, unique smartphones, a spectrum of 2-in-1 tablet / laptop devices, and fully fledged desktop PCs for creatives.

The Microsoft Surface Go and Laptop Go come in at the lighter end of business usage. Ultimate portability and plenty of power for light office work, such as spreadsheets, emails, watching videos and online shopping. Not to mention 2-in-1 laptop / tablet capabilities. The Go 3 will be available soon with even more power for the lightest laptop.

For an ideal business smartphone that goes that extra mile further than most, there’s the Surface Duo. An extra screen increases the number of apps you can use at once. It truly bridges that gap between a smartphone and a computer. The new Microsoft Duo will expand that screen size further.

For the ultimate business tablets with the power of a computer, there’s the Pro range. The Pro 7, Pro 7 +, Pro X, and very soon the Pro 8. These really do blur the line between tablet and powerful business laptop. Light, slim, 2-in-1 function, yet leaning towards the tablet side. Excellent cameras and phenomenal battery life.

For more power and a pure laptop experience, there are Surface Laptops. A more traditional setup for the office. No 2-in-1 capability, but these laptops have lean models available, so they remain quite portable. However, the emphasis here is easy typing comfort and power.

Microsoft surface laptop

Of course, if you really never want to compromise, your business can pay a little extra and get Surface Books. These really do both. It has 2-in-1 functionality but leans towards a laptop experience, so you essentially have all the power, speed, multitasking, typing comfort and solid build of a laptop, yet you can still detach the touchscreen display and use it as a tablet.

When a laptop won’t do and you need the raw power, there’s Surface Studio. Studio isn’t just a computer; it’s heavily aimed at creatives in need of finite graphic detail and colour accuracy. Few displays can match it on graphic capability. Amazingly it still incorporates that multi-function ethos. The screen can be used as a touchscreen for drawing and designing, alongside the Surface dial, for that next level of interactive usage.

For game-changing video conferencing and an interactive whiteboard, there’s Surface Hub. Boosting collaboration for businesses, this Hub is an asset to any office.

How Surface Works For Businesses

By employing multiple devices from the Microsoft Surface ecosystem across the departments of a company, businesses can utilise fast, smart, and tailored equipment to achieve their goals.

This allows your staff to use cutting edge tech that is customised to their needs, enabling them to produce the best work for your clients. Microsoft Surface devices come with expert business software that will open up new ways for companies to do business.

flexi lease

By leasing the devices through suppliers like Hardsoft and our packages such as Devices For Teams or FLEXI-Lease, businesses can spread the cost of their hardware. These flexible solutions make having the best equipment simple. Hardsoft can even guide you in the selection of the right Microsoft Surface devices for your teams.

With systems like Microsoft Autopilot, you can even order, configure, and deploy all your Microsoft products remotely in a few easy clicks. The whole system from Microsoft is built to be comprehensive yet seamless.