Which is the best Microsoft Surface Pro Model?

27th April 2021
Surface Tablets Pros

The Microsoft Surface collection hosts a variety of devices to enhance flexible working. With laptops, tablets, computers, smartphones, and other systems, the Surface range has something to offer every industry and mode of working.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7+, Pro X, Surface Go, and Surface Book are all adaptive hardware with a 2 in 1 approach. Each can function as a tablet or a laptop.

The Pro range is especially popular for both consumer and business use thanks to the devices’ high quality, exceptional performance, and flexibility.

Within the Pro range business models, staff can operate an absolutely fantastic selection of devices that combines portability, power, and performance. With their multitude of apps and programmes, the Pro devices help make working from anywhere easier and they have excellent audio, cameras, and collaboration tools for remote workers.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ Vs Pro X

If your company is looking into the Pro range of Microsoft Surface devices, there is a choice between the Surface Pro 7+ and the Pro X, with announcements of a new Microsoft Surface Pro 8 model on the horizon.

Both the Surface Pro 7+ and Pro X have incredible performance, but which is right for your employees will depend upon your business model.


The Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ is cheaper than the Pro X at only £799 to the X’s £929.


While both devices are exquisitely portable and multi-functional, the Pro X is blessed with the ARM processor giving it an edge in powerful performance.

However, the intel chip in the Pro 7+ is known to be extremely reliable, adding to the high-performance life of the device.


In terms of the display, there is a subtle difference with the 7+ at only 12.3 inches and the X at 13 inches. The latter also has a slightly higher pixel display resolution at 2880×1920, whereas the Pro 7+ is only 2736×1824.


Both have slim, sleek designed, but these subtle differences in the screen display do give the Pro X a more modern, luxury feel. Aesthetically, the Pro X is stunning, yet it isn’t just about looks. With rounded edges to the screen, the Pro X is a comfortable joy to handle, making that transition to portable tablet more pleasant.

Jack of All Trades Vs Ultimate In-The-Field Tablet Device

For businesses looking to bulk buy devices for employees, the Surface Pro 7+ is certainly more affordable and a great all-rounder. The Pro X elevates this to a next level. With an even larger battery life of 13 hours to the Pro 7+’s 10.5, and LTE for ease of connecting to the internet, the Pro X is ideal for staff who are on the go at presentations, commuting, or out in the field. Geologists, engineers, construction workers, architects, and more sectors like these will find the Pro X provides the ultimate portable tablet experience.

However, for a cheaper option, the Surface Pro 7+ is still excellent, with the same weight and thickness as the Pro X. For more traditional jobs with hybrid working between the office and home, the Pro 7+ provides plenty of flexibility and power.


Both devices are extremely compatible pieces of hardware and the business models come with intuitive software for companies. One major difference is in the hardware’s ports. The Pro X features two USB-C ports, whereas the Pro 7+ has a USB-C and a USB-A port. USB-A connections are far more common.


One of the most crucial differences is that, although the Microsoft Pro 7+ is cheaper, the detachable keyboard and stylus pen for touchscreen creative design comes separately. These are included with the Pro X meaning staff can get straight to work in both laptop and tablet mode, and creative professionals can use the stylus for touchscreen drawing.


The Pro 7+ is a reliable tool for a 2 in 1 tablet-laptop device in a business setting. It has many of the advantages of the Pro x at a more reasonable price point. The Pro X is definitely going to grant an edge for particular industries, particularly those with staff out in the field.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Plus solves some of the weaker elements of the Pro 7 for businesses, including adding the LTE. The Pro 8 launch has recently been teased and will likely expand the performance of the 7+ even further.

If you’re new to the Microsoft Surface family and unsure which Pro device will match your staff’s workstyle, then get in touch with Hardsoft for a chat and analysis of your hardware needs.