What are the cost benefits of switching to a fully digital classroom?

12th April 2022
kids and teacher in a classroom using surface laptop SE

There are almost countless benefits to schools embracing a fully digital classroom. In fact, embracing digital elements in any way can improve the learning experience of students. However, many school administrators mistakenly doubt that a digital classroom can be cost-effective.

What Is A Digital Classroom?

windows SE laptop with a kid on it at school

There are several definitions of a digital classroom depending on the context.

In higher education, a digital classroom often translates to a fully online-only learning experience. During the pandemic and related lockdowns, this definition came to be more widely used for all school-age children as they had to learn from home.

Yet, more often it means a classroom-based educational experience augmented by digital technology. This could mean a school that widely uses laptops and tablet devices to teach a range of subjects, and employ online communication when children are at home with their homework or interactive touchscreen whiteboards.

Edtech like these examples can enrich the learning experience of students in a range of ways.

What Are The Benefits Of A Digital Classroom?

  • Creates a more engaging, immersive learning experience.
  • Improves information retention.
  • Teaches students vital skills for their future digital careers.
  • Easy access to a wealth of digital resources.
  • Teachers can provide better online communication and support for homework.
  • Students can more easily collaborate on joint projects outside of the classroom.
  • In the case of illness, injury, absence, accidents, building work, or lockdowns, learning can be quickly moved online with all the resources, hardware and plans already in place.
surface SE on a school desk

As we can see, a digital classroom could be invaluable to children’s education. Yet it faces many challenges, such as:

  • Choosing the right equipment
  • Adequate teacher training
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cost

Luckily, systems like Devices For Education Teams can help schools create a digital classroom that is both simple to set up, easy to manage, and affordable.

Financial Benefits Of A Digital Classroom By Hardsoft

Devices For Education Teams is a DaaS solution by Hardsoft.

DaaS is Device as a Service and it’s a method for leasing computer hardware with plenty of extra support and advantages.

devices for education teams logo in black and purple

Devices for Education Teams by Hardsoft is a specialist version of DaaS built explicitly for the education sector.

This system is helping rollout Edtech and one to one computing in the UK.

One to one computing allows every pupil to have their own device to further their digital education. Pupils can, therefore, not only utilise the best educational productivity tools in the classroom but also with their homework.

D4ET makes one to one computing simple by supplying Microsoft Surface SE laptops to schools.

It preconfigures Windows 11 SE and Microsoft Intune so that teachers have everything they need to create amazing lesson plans and control how pupils use their devices.

This system provides ongoing tech support and can even offer training to teachers to get the most out of this already incredibly intuitive piece of hardware.

Both Microsoft Surface SE and Windows 11 SE have been designed for the school environment. These solutions are the perfect complementary combination to create the digital classroom.

Devices For Education Teams also takes care of all the deployment and logistics of supplying schools. It’s fast, efficient, and effortlessly simple.

Microsoft Surface Laptop SE

The most important element is how affordable a digital classroom can be with Hardsoft. It turns the digital classroom into a truly cost-effective scenario for schools.

It’s long been known that digital tech can make learning better for children, but the logistics and price was always a major concern for schools, which are typically on tight budgets.

Devices For Education Teams can offer:

  • 9 X Zioxi Charging Trollies
  • 270 Surface Laptops
  • SafeGuard insurance
  • Full installation
  • Full deployment
Devices for education offer with surface SE

All for only 50p per day per student. Thanks to D4ET and the Microsoft Surface SE being made available at a fraction of the cost of other Surface devices, the digital classroom is now very achievable for all primary schools.

However, this isn’t the only offer that Devices For Education Teams can bring to schools. This system can also support the implantation of iPads in schools as well.

D4ET can help schools with all kinds of digital classroom setups.