Want a free trial of the Microsoft Surface Duo?

23rd March 2021
Microsoft Surface Duo being showcased with its 2 app different screen functionality

You can have a new Microsoft Surface Duo trial FREE for 72 hours!

A brand new Surface Duo will be couriered to your office for 72 hours. Explore, play and download any software you wish so you can see exactly how good it could be for you. Don’t worry about the contents and applications you’ve downloaded as we will securely wipe the device once we collect it after 72 hours, so all your data will be left behind.

Microsoft Surface Duo being showcased with its 2 app different screen functionality

This is an amazing opportunity for you to explore the new Surface Duo. Open two screens and open new possibilities. Get every android app in the google play store, Get the best of Microsoft 365 and enjoy multitasking on two different screens. You can view and interact with two apps simultaneously. So enjoy the combinations of team meetings and viewing spreadsheets or open up Spotify while reading a book. Finding it hard to complete a level in a game? Why not watch a YouTube tutorial and follow the steps while playing?

With HardSoft taking care of all the delivery and collection logistics free of charge, at a date that suits you. This offer is great for any business to trial the Surface Duo. Offer is subject to limited availability and is only available for office(s) in London or the home counties, subject to the completion and approval of our application form please e-mail: info@hardsoft.co.uk to take part, or for more information. NB: A credit card pre-authorization will be required.

The Surface Duo allows you to carry Dual, high-resolution PixelSense fusion displays open to 8.1 inches in your back pocket. When opened the surface displays a 3:2 aspect ratio allowing great space to read, stream and stay productive. The Surface Duo features a built in fingerprint reader for quick and secured access. Need to carry on a meeting, stream, document on to a PC? Synchronize your Surface duo to your PC and seamlessly continue where you left off. The device is packed with 4K and 1080p video recording at 30 and 60 fps. The processing power comes with a punch running a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform optimised for the dual-screen experience.

What’s being said about Microsoft’s Surface Duo?

 “This is a sleek, high-quality device. The hinge is perfect: smooth and stable. With the clamshell closed”.

Microsoft Surface Duo being showcased with its 2 app different screen functionality

“The Surface Duo completely changes how you use your mobile device. More akin to a pocket-shaped laptop than an actual phone, the Surface Duo is probably the best device around for mobile productivity right now”.

“This device is fun, it’s a cool device which lets me multi-task using different apps on different screens simultaneously. I do like the design, never thought foldable phones would become a reality and when it opens up it acts as a tablet which is really nice, so you are essentially paying for a phone and tablet”.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and request your FREE 72-hour trial today!

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