Microsoft Surface, Intune, & HardSoft: The Easy All-In-One IT Solution

22nd February 2023
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You may be aware that in the recent months, Microsoft have both announced and released the newest members of their Surface family: Microsoft Surface Pro 9, Microsoft Surface Pro 9 5G, Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 and Microsoft Surface Studio 2+.

In light of this announcement, and the buzz surrounding Microsoft’s Surface range at the moment, consumers may be left with a fair amount of questions – why choose Microsoft Surface? What is Microsoft Intune? – and within this article, we hope to answer some of these questions by taking a deeper dive into the innovative and wonderful world of Microsoft Surface.

Why Microsoft Surface?

So, why should you choose Microsoft Surface for your business?

What makes this collection of computer hardware and this manufacturer different or better for businesses than others on the market?

The short answer is variety, relevance, and choice.

Thanks to the versatility within the Microsoft Surface family of devices, they are the ideal hardware for virtually any business you can imagine; whether you’re the CFO of a finance firm, a graphic artist, a programmer, head of HR, a videographer, or even in manufacturing, Microsoft Surface will have a device with the perfect specifications for your needs.

Microsoft Surface is also versatile when it comes to the way your company operates – for example, how portable your hardware needs to be. Your staff could work primarily within the office, or from home, or incorporate a lot of commuting and travel; regardless of your working model, there will be a piece of hardware suited to your requirements.

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It doesn’t matter if your priority is power, speed, crisp visuals for creative work, lightweight build, affordability, collaboration/communication, or even a balance of all of the above; Microsoft Surface will have the equipment to match.

This is the primary reason that we’ve seen the popularity of Surface soar over the last couple of years. Their sales are on a steady incline because businesses can find hardware that is wholly accurate to their workers’ needs.

This attractive variety doesn’t stand alone as a winning feature either. As well as the desirability of their varied technology, Microsoft Surface have also gained a deserved reputation for being intuitive, secure, and flexible. Your employees will find the technology straightforward to use and easy to acclimatise to, resulting in minimal time lost to the learning process.

So, we’ve gushed about what’s unique and appealing about the Microsoft Surface collection to businesses – but what about Microsoft Intune? Why should businesses utilise this?

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Why should you use Microsoft Intune?

MDMs (Mobile Device Management programs) like Microsoft Intune give business owners detailed control over how their staff use business computers, even those who work from home.

With Intune, you can:

  • Wipe and block devices that have been lost or stolen
  • Decide how your business data is used on your network, and which computer apps can be accessed by staff on your devices
  • Push security and other software updates automatically to ALL devices registered on your MDM
  • Register all your hardware and staff’s own equipment that they use for work onto the MDM”
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So, undoubtedly, Microsoft Intune adds unrivalled control and security to your business IT. Another element of this control is that with Microsoft Intune you are able to access a piece of software called Microsoft Autopilot, and use this to employ remote zero touch deployment for the ordering and shipping of computer equipment to your staff.

Although Microsoft Intune clearly offers many benefits, you may be worried about the set-up process and finding the time and resources within your company to get your devices set up.

Fortunately, there is an extremely simple way to affordably and efficiently implement this technology for businesses of any size.

How can HardSoft help?

Here at HardSoft, we know that one thing that business owners really want is simplicity.

You don’t want to spend ages choosing IT equipment and then having the added worry about registering all of these with your required software; you just want it to work, do what it’s supposed to do, and not waste any more of your time or the working day.

This is why HardSoft have created all-in-one solutions that reduce the complexity of IT and manage everything for you.

If you have any questions or queries about Microsoft Surface or Intune, our skilled and expert sales team are just a phone call or email away. We hope to hear from you very soon!