How 270 New Laptops Can Be Deployed and Supported Through Devices for Teams

6th April 2022
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Primary schools can easily gain 270 new laptops for their digital classrooms ordered, deployed, and supported through Devices For Teams.

But what is Devices For Teams and how does it work?

arm your team with the devices to succeed with a surface laptop and spacemen on the side

Devices For Teams is a DaaS system with enhanced flexibility and support.

DaaS is Device as a Service. A lease-based supply model for businesses looking to acquire computer equipment.

DaaS stands out from other leases as its focus is an ongoing supportive relationship. Continual tech support and upgrades to the latest tech are the cornerstones of DaaS. It ensures that companies have no obsoletion and boosted productivity while being able to spread the cost of their hardware into manageable monthly payments.

Device For Teams goes a step further with highly tailored and customisable DaaS packages. Businesses can scale the number of devices they use up and down as needed. You can even swap and return devices penalty-free. D4T also offer evaluations to help choose the best tech for your company, free trials and takes care of the entire device lifecycle.

Devices For Education Teams

Devices For Education Teams is a new venture by the minds behind D4T. It is an advanced DaaS supply system purely aimed and tailored to the education sector.

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Through this system, large numbers of new laptops can be deployed and supported. This allows schools to enable 1:1 computing for pupils and provide a better digital classroom experience.

With 1:1 computing inside and outside the classroom, students will gain much needed digital, communication and collaboration skills.

On top of time management and IT skills, teachers can create lesson plans with the incredible digital tools at their fingertips, making learning more engaging for pupils.

Devices For Education Teams is rolling out the following offer to schools to truly create an end-to-end solution that is genuinely affordable.

  • 9 X Zioxi Charging Trollies
  • 270 Surface Laptops
  • SafeGuard insurance
  • Full installation
  • Full deployment
windows SE laptop with a kid on it at school

This package creates a solution for the easy deployment and support of 270 brand new laptops. It helps schools cut through bureaucracy and confusing processes to get a digital classroom setup swiftly with all the ongoing support they will ever need.

The great thing about this system is that it handles each step of the process including,

  • Financing the hardware lease
  • Deployment and logistics of shipping the devices
  • Installation and pre-configuration
  • Teacher training
  • Ongoing tech support

All this is accomplished at an affordable level. Both Devices For Education Teams and Microsoft have launched systems that make digital tech affordable for schools. At only $250, the Microsoft Surface SE is one of the best bargain laptops, while also being designed for the needs of schools. The hardware is secure, cyber safe, lets teachers take control of content and apps and deliver fantastic learning programmes to children.

Devices For Education Teams has formulated a simple solution for the ordering and deployment of these devices for schools with a support package that takes the burden of maintenance away from the school. The D4ET also reduces the learning curve for teachers on these already intuitive devices with additional training on offer.