Why You Need A Device Deployment Strategy

24th May 2021
Why You Need A Device Deployment Strategy

Most CEOs know that you need:

  • a thoroughly planned business objective strategy
  • a financial strategy
  • hiring strategies
  • marketing strategies

All these are well known necessities in order to achieve success in business.

However, very few companies think about their device deployment strategies.

When it comes to obtaining hardware, many businesses, unfortunately, take an outdated and old-fashioned approach. They simply buy hardware in a batch every few years when their old equipment can no longer function.

They buy the new hardware outright and hope it will last a long time and continue to fulfil the function for which it was envisioned. It is shipped to their IT department and set up in the office.

This method of hardware management is no longer applicable to modern ways of working. The negative consequences of this approach are:

  • Being stuck with the wrong equipment if the business situation changes e.g., being stuck with desktops in the office when people needed laptops due to COVID and homeworking requirements.
  • Technology is developing more and more quickly, and so staff get stuck with outdated machines.
  • Expensive and inflexible approach.
  • Inability to let staff work remotely or in various locations.
  • Inflexible for taking equipment to clients’ venues for presentations and working while commuting.
  • Does not allow for easily adding scale if the business sees a boom in hiring more staff.
  • A waste of money if the business needs to downsize on staff.
  • Slow and ineffectual for replacing damaged or lost devices for employees.

This is why a device deployment strategy is essential for modern working.

Develop A Cost-Effective Device Deployment Strategy With Microsoft Autopilot

With the right technology, such as Microsoft Autopilot and an MDM (Mobile Device Management) like Microsoft Intune, a device deployment strategy can be straightforward and highly effective.

A proper device deployment plan can save your business time and money, boost productivity, keep staff safe and happy, keep data secure, and drive greater scale and ultimately profits.

Microsoft Autopilot will give managers the power to bulk order Microsoft devices and have them deployed remotely to workers where they need them, even at home. The tactic can be completely zero-touch since the IT department doesn’t have to physically interact with the devices. All equipment can be set up completely remotely.

This drives down the cost of postage, saves IT staff time and transport time, meaning employees can have their devices in their hands more quickly. The remote setup is also highly comprehensive, enabling increased productivity. Each device can be customised for the specific worker’s needs, including all the apps, accounts, software, and security their role requires. The hardware is truly ready to go out of the box with no annoying at home setups. The zero-touch method is also a lot safer and free from contamination for homeworkers in the COVID world.