How Much Does Microsoft Autopilot Cost?

6th May 2021
How Much Does Microsoft Autopilot Cost?

Microsoft Autopilot is highly affordable and a natural choice for modern businesses looking to utilise a device deployment strategy.

With many staff working from home or remotely, Microsoft Autopilot offers a zero-touch solution to bulk buying hardware. Businesses can deploy all devices directly to employees without IT staff ever having to interact with the hardware.

While there is still, of course, a standard cost to all Microsoft devices purchase, the initial setup of Microsoft Autopilot is completely free to all Hardsoft customers.

However, this solution works as a system alongside other essential technologies, including Windows 10, Microsoft Intune, and the Azure Active Directory.

You must first have a compatible MDM in order to benefit from Microsoft Autopilot. A Mobile Device Management system provides control over all your company hardware, such as managing security, access, apps and pushing updates out remotely.

An MDM system does come with a small subscription cost.

Hardsoft can provide assistance with Microsoft Autopilot setup and getting your business on board with a suitable MDM too. We highly recommend Cisco Meraki or Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS).

Systems Manager by Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is a subscription of only £0.70 pounds per week.

One of the great benefits of this MDM is that it is compatible with both Apple, PC and Android products. This makes it highly flexible for businesses who wish to utilise a wide range of different hardware.

While most businesses tend to go fully Apple or fully Windows with their hardware, there are a number of industries, (particularly technical sectors involved in research) that will need a wider scope of hardware to meet their custom needs and advanced software systems. For these companies and organisations Systems Manager by Cisco Meraki will be an ideal and affordable MDM.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is £1.60 a week and well worth it to use with Microsoft Autopilot.

It is part of Intune and the Azure Active Directory and, therefore, is a perfect match for the capabilities required by Autopilot. It is an excellent MDM system, which provides additional threat management. However, it should be noted it does not work with Apple products but will be the perfect choice for most businesses using PCs.

Is Microsoft Autopilot Worth The Cost?

Microsoft Autopilot setup is free and most of the associated cost is with the ecosystem of connected technologies on which autopilot capabilities rely. However, these are extremely affordable and Hardsoft offers great deals and full support when setting up your business MDM and Autopilot.

Overall, Microsoft Autopilot and an MDM is a significant cost-saver for businesses. This is because it saves money on postage to IT departments, saves time as it need only be shipped straight to the end-user. It also saves employees’ time by allowing full remote configuration, and, therefore, enhancing productivity.

With data breaches, thanks to human error, being a major issue with remote working, the additional security of the MDM will save companies a huge amount of money and stress by preventing these breaches in the first place. Data breaches can be extremely costly for a business both financially and for its reputation.