Boost Staff Productivity, Efficiency & Satisfaction With Microsoft Autopilot

3rd May 2021
Microsoft surface product for autopilot

Productivity is one of the main concerns of CEOs and it is something that most managers want to boost throughout 2021.

Productivity may seem like a corporate buzzword; however, it is actually one of the most important characteristics of successful businesses. Productivity usually equals profit. The notion equates to putting out more than the resources you put in, usually with good returns. Studies back this up with productive employees creating a 21% increase in company profits.

Tech like Microsoft Autopilot enables workers and organisations to be more productive in their work.

2020 and 2021 have been interesting times for productivity rates. The necessity to work from home during the pandemic had many employers in fear that productivity and staff efficiency would see a huge drop. Yet the opposite was true.

While 82% of remote workers fretted about their productivity rates, the majority of companies saw productivity and worker efficiency rise during lockdowns. More than two-thirds of employers have seen increased productivity among their remote workers.

It wasn’t just productivity that saw an increase. Perhaps less surprisingly, employee satisfaction increased as well.

So, how was this achieved without the supervision of the office culture?

Well, one of the biggest barriers to productive working and staff satisfaction is tech. There are many factors that go into fostering happy and productive workers. Their tools, comfort and happiness are all major factors. However, adequate hardware and software are one of the biggest barriers to productivity when working from home. If employees don’t have access to fast, high performing hardware and the right applications, it is more difficult for them to be productive.

Systems like Microsoft Autopilot enable companies to remove friction in the device lifecycle. By creating a smooth approach to the purchasing, deployment, set up and upgrading of hardware, Microsoft Autopilot helps businesses be more productive with more efficient, satisfied staff.

How Does Microsoft Autopilot Boost Productivity and Staff Satisfaction?

When businesses sign up to Microsoft Autopilot, they can use it in tandem with their MDM, Microsoft Intune to easily deploy and manage corporate hardware. This includes all devices used by staff working from home, working in the office, or working out in the field.

With the power to completely remotely configure a new device and send it to the staff member out-of-the-box ready-to-go, this cuts down significant setup time for the end user.

The whole process can be done as a zero-touch solution without IT departments having to handle devices. This makes ordering new hardware safe, simple, and straightforward for workers with no awkward setup or lost time. All employees can have the latest devices most suited to their role and needs.

Microsoft Autopilot minimises interruptions to staff’s work when upgrading to new devices and thereby reduces disruption in the productivity pipeline.

Without remote configuration, setting up a new device can take a long time, especially with the requirement for staff to download and log into all their old accounts and software.

Updating software, drivers, security tools, and third-party products involves ongoing interruption for employees but with Microsoft Autopilot all these steps are taken care of before the new device arrives at their door.