How Microsoft Autopilot’s Low Touch Approach Saves Time and Money for Businesses

30th April 2021
Microsoft Surface devices for autopilot

The Coronavirus pandemic is in it’s second year and has radically shifted the way we work.

Many companies have found the sudden changes to day-to-day operations a challenge and most businesses look forward to a return to traditional working habits. However, some of these changes in operations are a huge benefit to businesses, beyond keeping staff safe.

While rapid change is always difficult, those companies that embrace it have developed smarter ways of working. The need to work from home during the pandemic may have initially been a hurdle, yet many businesses are finding that these new methods are an improvement.

Much of the tech innovation that has come out of the pandemic is showing that there are lots of smarter ways to work. These strategies do keep staff safe from infection, but also can save businesses both time and money.

For some companies, this kick into the latest technology has provided the much-needed impetus to add scale to their projects.

Low Touch and Microsoft Autopilot

Microsoft Autopilot is just one of the amazing pieces of technology that has allowed employees to work safely from home while offering a host of other tangible bottom-line benefits to CEOs and CFOs.

This approach is one that is here to stay as it streamlines the ordering, deployment, set up and management of business hardware.

Microsoft Autopilot allows companies to bulk order Microsoft compatible hardware from manufacturers like Microsoft Surface, Lenovo, acer etc.

They can then have all the devices deployed straight to their staff’s homes in just a few clicks.

All the devices can be setup remotely while en route to their destination. Managers can remotely set up all the required applications via Microsoft Autopilot and their MDM Microsoft Intune. This includes all accounts and software the individual end user needs, so they can start work at soon as their device arrives.

This is a completely zero touch approach with no need for your IT department to ever handle the hardware.

It is obvious why the zero-touch approach is better for safety, but how can it save companies time and money?

More Advantages to Microsoft Autopilot

Microsoft Autopilot is a big win for businesses and not just because of COVID 19 and keeping employees safe.

Since the whole process is remote, the hardware does not need to be first sent to the office IT department for setup. It only has one journey to make to the end user and this is a substantial postage cost savings.

In addition to this, it is a major time saver. Staff can get to work more quickly because the device arrives faster with no detours to the IT department. This makes the whole process swifter and more productive.

With your IT department not needing to set up the device manually, this also saves them a great deal of time and energy which can be spend in other, more profitable areas for your company.

The end result is a great deal of saved money and time for businesses when they use Microsoft Autopilot for deploying hardware. This allows labours and energies to be focused in the most profitable pursuits instead of grunt work.