Working from Home: The New Normal

27th July 2020
You man working on a laptop from home

With many of us working from home during the pandemic businesses are changing, and working from home is becoming the new normal.

There is a growing trend of remote working as companies have been forced to close offices for lockdown, and many businesses are coming to realise that working from home can effective for both them, and their employees.

Like anything else, working from home can have its pros and cons, but it’s fast becoming the new normal for many workers, whose employers have told them not to expect to return to their physical offices for the foreseeable future, if ever.

How Does It Work?

Until lockdown, many people had never worked from home before. In fact, there were employees with 20 to 30 years of experience that had never worked remotely… talk about a change of pace!

This new normal of working from home has many people consider how it works. How can you work from home effectively and still get the job done on time?

Invest in the Right Equipment

Work From Bundle with Dell display, mStand and CalDigit USB-C Pro Dock
Work From Home Bundle –
Display, Dock & Stand

It all starts with investing in the right equipment for you to do be able to do your job. Many employers have made the switch from desktops to laptops so that their employees can work from home, at often great expense to the business

This is where computer and laptop leasing comes in. You can lease the equipment you need without paying outright and then make affordable monthly payments and hold on to your cash flow. Many of our existing customers were able to switch their leased desktops for laptops quickly because they were leased. We have several ‘Work from Home’ bundles available.

Separate Your Workspace

At the start of lockdown, everyone was setting up their workstation on the family dining table, kitchen island, or even the sofa, but as working from home becomes the norm, you need a designated workspace if possible.

Without a separate workspace, you may find it hard to separate your work and personal life. To maximize your time, you need to set a distinct line between your work and your personal life by separating your workspace. As lockdown continues to ease, many will be able to return to coffee-shop working or shared workspaces such as WeWork.

Prioritise Communication With Others

You may find that the hardest part of working from home is staying connected to others. While you might not have realised it, coffee breaks, and quick walks around the office, those ‘watercooler moments’ helped you stay connected with your coworkers. That obviously becomes increasingly difficult while working from home. This is why it’s important to prioritise time to call and video chat with your coworkers, it will help you all stay involved, upbeat, and on-task on a day to day basis.

What Are the Challenges?

Of course, with such a big shift in your work life comes the inevitable obstacles. You can set yourself up for success by knowing what these challenges are ahead of time and how to fight through them. Here are a few challenges you might face.

Keeping Yourself Organised

Staying organised can be a challenge in the office, now that you’re working from home and combining your personal life with your work life, it could become increasingly more difficult.

Turning Off and On

Since your office is now at home, it can become difficult to turn off your work mindset after you’ve clocked out. There will always be an urge to check your phone for emails, or ‘just quickly do it’ when something comes to mind – you may also find yourself starting earlier, or working later than your set hours. Stay strong by setting boundaries with your coworkers and clients. Keep the workload to open business hours, it can wait!

Managing Your Time

Set up a few daily and weekly goals that you want to accomplish and stick to them. By simply checking them off one by one, you’ll be able to stay as productive as possible. Make sure you take a break for lunch as you would in the office, so you can follow the day’s pattern as usual.

Embrace the New Normal of Working From Home

Now you’ve experienced working from home and its challenges, it’s time for you to embrace the new normal!

For more details about leasing devices for your remote working staff, as well as the additional security measures you should put into place for anyone working from home, get in touch with our team on 020 7111 1643 or email