Windows on an iMac.

7th October 2011
Group project work on an Apple desktop

When you need speed to run CAD in Windows then get a Mac ? Bob Tunks at BK Tooling was looking for an all in one Windows 7 PC to run CADWindows on an iMacsoftware -Vero VISI.  He has leased HP Workstations from HardSoft for nearly ten years but  a PC with speed in an VERO Software integrated format wasn’t available. The special  order Apple iMac 27″ with the fast i7-3.4GHz CPU  and upgraded 2GB graphics is just not available as a PC. So Bob had the Apple iMac and runs it solely in Windows 7 -64 bit and gets a stylish computer at the speed he needs to run Vero software (software for aiding the design and manufacturing process in specific sectors include the design and manufacture of plastic injection moulds, sheet metal stamping dies used automotive, electronic, medical, white goods and aerospace.)
Apple Macs share the same hardware platform than rival PC’s but unlike PC’s a Mac can run either Lion OS or Windows 7 or both at the same time. HardSoft installed and configured his iMac with Windows and configured Vero software on the Mac for him- all the costs and a three year warranty included in the flexible lease package. Leasing has allowed Bob and many other CAD users get the technology they need today without a drain on cash………………..WHY WAIT ? LEASE IT