Is it for your business ?  According to Microsoft, four million users upgraded to Windows 8 over the weekend after its release, so is it really that good?

HardSoft asked a number of Windows 8 customers what they thought and the feedback was generally very positive. “It is as good at the advert suggests”, “Windows 8 is a pleasure to use, simple, enjoyable and visually
stimulating”. But it is not as simple as that!

Windows 8 has introduced a number of positive changes and a much improved performance, however the interface of Windows 8 has had mixed reactions.  Microsoft’s Windows 8 primary focus is on touchscreen technology, mirroring the look and feel of windows mobile devices; and is quite a considerable move away from previous versions. So for those using Windows 8 on their everyday desktops with a mouse and keyboard, who are not familiar with Windows mobile and the Metro design language, may not praise Windows 8 as highly, as it seems awkward to use at first. The system of hot corners and edge swiping is not obvious to many and  there are only basic instructions provided by the operating system, however, as with anything that offers a new ‘experience’ to the user, once you have personalised your Windows 8, you may just fall in love with it!

One thing we can guarantee from Windows 8 is a few alternatives to the iconic Apple MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro; namely the Lenovo Twist, Samsung’s new Ultratouch laptop, and the soon to be released TaiChi with two independent screens.

Lenovo Idea PadThe brand new Lenovo Twist is quite unique, it will transform into a laptop whenever you need to type and a tablet for whenever you are on the go. The Lenovo twist is small and slim, it bends, folds and spins into different modes for different uses; perfect for business users on the go, and a media presenter ideal for demonstrations, presentations or social use. Its touch screen brings out the best of Windows 8.

On HardSoft’s flexible lease the Lenovo Twist with the i5 CPU is £8.20 per week to lease ; with the i7 CPU and 128GB SSD drive it is £9.20 per week. The Samsung ATIV is available to lease at £8.95 per week.  (Includes insurance and warranty, excludes VAT). Don’t forget for only £1 at the end of the contract you get to keep it too.

Windows 8 is available in a few editions…

Windows 8 – intended for mainstream consumers and is a ‘Home’ edition without the naming.

Windows 8 Pro contains additional features aimed towards power users and professional environments and works with a Server set-up.

Windows RT will only be made available as pre-loaded software on slates like the Microsoft Surface.



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