If someone spends $1.5 billion marketing a product you would hope its not just good but amazing.  That’s what Microsoft are spending on Windows 8 the successor to the popular Windows 7.  On first impressions this is not a rehashed Windows like Vista or  Windows 3.11. It is only the second genuine new Windows OS in 13 years.

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An unfamiliar screen layout with Windows 8 as it com The experience a desktop user will have is little different to Windows 7,  there is no Start button but beyond that the look and feel is quite similar to 7. This can be argued as a good thing. Plus it’s an attractive proposition with an upgrade price of only £ 49, much more reasonable that previous price tags. And guess what,  the upgrade is easy and smooth.  Once in things are a little quicker in your browsers and it even works quickly on existing machines with no extra hardware upgrades.

Finally a massive bonus is that there seems no issues with other software compatibilities, in the old days Sage wouldn’t work or your own bespoke package wouldn’t work.  No such problems so far with Windows 8. However, you can’t help feeling –  why bother ?  Windows 7 works and is stable so what does Windows 8 on your desktop bring to the party.  That I am afraid is something we have not found yet.

Windows 8 available to lease

There is a ‘Desktop Mode’ that makes it more familiar to Windows 7 users

But when you get to a Touchscreen environment then this is when Windows 8 kicks in.  The screen is completely different to the Desktop mode, as below.  It really is trying to get to the ease of the Apple environment and to many degrees succeeds.  Easy to view, bright colours help you to pick out different modules easily on the move.

All in all it feels like this was a necessary release for Microsoft, if only to remodel their OS against Apple and to get a usable system for the touchscreen and tablet environment. However as a desktop user you really come away thinking-  what is all the fuss about and was it worth it? But if you are looking for a proper Windows tablet that offers a practical and working solution to access Windows and your Server then this is a definite step forwards. We also have Touchscreen lightweight laptops to lease from Samsung (the new Ultratouch) and a new HP Envy ranges. The Touchscreen versions do add a little more weight.

Windows 3.11 looked different

Windows 3.11 looked different

HardSoft Computers have been established since 1984 and we remember when MSDOS 5.01 (MicroSoft Disk Operating System) was the operating


Windows 3.11 came with a a 300 page manual

system and then Windows was an extra on top. We started with Windows 3.1 then they brought out a new network version called Windows 3.11 for Workgoups. The fact you could see data on another PC was a revolution. This tidy Windows software was just 20MB in size, compared to Windows 8 20GB !  No wonder computer hardware has had to get better just to accommodate Microsoft’s new versions of Windows over the years. We shipped MSDOS on Amstrad PC’s then but we now specialise in leasing to business users and are a HP Preferred Partner. If you want some advise on the benefits of leasing and how our years of experience has led us to the conclusion that leasing works then contact us. 


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