Why your business needs an iPad…

19th August 2014
Apple iPad Air Front View and Rear View

iPads have always been a great accessory for personal use and they are becoming ever more popular in schools. But what about business users? Apple themselves give little information on their website about how businesses can best utilise the ipad air leasingiPad and there are surprisingly few articles online from independent websites. So, as a leaser of iPads, here at HardSoft we thought we would put together a post that does just that.
Perhaps the best thing about using iPads within your business is having use of the App Store at your disposal. Many business-focused apps are FREE or relatively cheap – it’s all about finding the app to help you transform your business and its productivity! There are too many 1,000s out there to list but they range from helping you with document management to aiding the creation of invoices to time tracking. If there is a task you want doing its more than likely there will be an app that can do it for you!

Apple ipad leasing
There are endless Apps available for small businesses to utilise!

Of course, iPads haven’t always been perfect. If there ever was a problem with the iPad, it’s that simple tasks like word processing were difficult and often involved having to download various “note-taking” apps that didn’t always hit the mark. It’s understandable that this perhaps made them off-putting for business. However, we’re pleased to say that this is no longer a problem thanks to Microsoft Office 365 now being compatible with iPad – the iPad is now limitless! Whilst you may think it is too costly to purchase the software for one, small device, to make it even better each subscription has 5 uses on it. That means it can be put on various iPads in the office as well as other computers – it’s up to you! We think this is really great value for money and is a big plus for users looking to invest in iPads for their businesses.
What other advantages can an iPad give a business? It’s perfect for navigation and portability. With built-in navigation software, an iPad is great for businesses or employees who are always on-the-go. Super small and lightweight, the iPad is much more enjoyable to transport than a heavy laptop – great if you are always out and about attending meetings and making presentations! What’s more, if you take notes or write emails etc. outside of the office, these are all incredibly easy to sync back to the devices you use within the office. iPads can also be used outside of the office to help increase sales for your business. It can be used as a portable sales brochure, as just one example. It’s an easy way to show potential customers your products and/or website at exhibitions whilst simultaneously demonstrating a sleek and professional image.
Another thing that iPad is great for is improved communication with both your customers and other employees. Using an iPad it’s easy to visually
Your business will certainly benefit if you take advantage of the App store.
Benefits of the iPad for business include: Office 365, portability, durability, safety

communicate with customers via FaceTime or Skype. This is far more personal than simply chatting over the phone or via email. Conference calls with other employees can also be undertaken easily using iPad. Apps are easily available for download for multi-conferencing. Some recommended ones are Cisco’s WebEx and Microsoft Link , which is built into MS Outlook 365.
Last but certainly not least, the iPad is a durable and safe piece of technology. Virus free, you will also receive a next day swap out warranty and telephone technical support when you lease from HardSoft – even better!
For more information on leasing iPads for your business with HardSoft feel free to visit us online at www.hardsoft.co.uk or email one of our sales team on sales@hardsoft.co.uk. If you would prefer to speak to someone directly, then please do give one of our friendly sales team a call on 0207 111 1643 – we will be more than happy to help!