Why Start-Ups should consider a Flexi-Lease for their new IT

9th October 2018
devices for teams by HardSoft - DaaS without Faff

Why should Start-Ups Lease not Buy?

Start-Up businesses need the latest computers to help them be as efficient and effective as they can be, but the latest technology is never cheap, particularly if you need Apple Macs.

Here at HardSoft we make IT affordable with our Flexi-Lease and for a few £’s per day, you can ‘tech-up’ your business from the beginning. If you can afford a fresh coffee from one of those chain coffee shops every morning, then you can afford a fresh MacBook Pro or maybe a Surface Pro 6. You can lease Macs or PCs, whatever you need, the choice is yours!

There are several benefits to leasing rather than buying your IT equipment, but the main benefits are:

You Hang on to your Cash

Leasing your IT means you can keep your working capital, aka cash flow, for the day to day business expenses you have, as well as having a fixed outgoing which means you can budget more effectively.

You can Upgrade Outdated Equipment

Leasing allows your business to stay on top of the latest technology and advances in equipment. With a Flexi-Lease you can change the equipment after two years and upgrade to the latest models and equipment with a new lease, or continue with the equipment you have and pay a nominal fee (usually £1) to keep it at the end of the three years.

There are Tax Benefits!

Leasing not only offers your business a full deduction of lease payments against current earnings, but it also preserves your capital which you wouldn’t be able to access if you bought your IT outright. Many of our clients are Accountants, which is telling, so check with your accountant or tax advisor to find out the full benefits for your business.

Leasing Makes Sense

Life now is all about paying a monthly subscription for everything, from your Mobile to Netflix. As well as solving cash pressure taking a new computer on a ‘Flexi-Lease’ makes sense because it fits in with this subscription model. That’s not all, HardSoft also looks after the computers with support included as part of the lease, we become your businesses own IT Department, handling all your day-to-day tech issues. We can also offer insurance, which is often cheaper than many of the high street or online insurance companies.

Many household names started out with HardSoft leasing, including Notonthehighstreet.com so don’t be afraid to apply, as there is a 95% approval rate for Start-Up companies who are yet to file any accounts.

As your business grows and those original business plans change then a Flexi-Lease from HardSoft allows you to change the equipment. If things don’t work out you can return a Mac after 24 months with no penalty to pay. And as your business grows HardSoft also offer more solutions, including ‘Devices for Teams’, which allows an IT hungry business an agile plan to add or return computers as needs change on a monthly basis – without any penalty.

If you’d like to know more about Start-Up business leasing from HardSoft, get in touch with our sales team who can talk you through all of the options and give you a tailored no obligation quote. Contact sales@hardsoft.co.uk or call 020 7111 1643.