Why printer leasing is the way forward

25th May 2017
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Printer life expectancy: why leasing is the way to go

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For graphic design studios and busy offices that require a stable and reliable printer, the initial outlay required for a heavy-duty machine can be thousands of pounds – and that’s without taking toner and maintenance into account.
But it’s not just the starting capital that businesses should be concerned about. The life of the average printer can vary significantly depending on usage; though it has been said that two years tends to be a common age for printers to break down. Imagine paying thousands of pounds for a printer, only for it to break down after two years. Disaster!
Why has my printer just died?
A key specification of printers that firms need to watch out for is the ‘monthly duty cycle’ according to M. David Stone, an IT expert writing for pcmag.com. This metric shows how many pages can be printed in a given month without risking damage to the printer, giving firms an insight into the safe usage of their machine.
However, what this metric doesn’t show is that constant use at the maximum duty cycle for an extended period can wear the machine down significantly. One laser printer with a maximum duty cycle of 20,000 pages has a life expectancy of less than three months if printing 20,000benefits of leasing computers and macs at hardsoft pages a month consistently, according to Stone. He suggests a general rule of thumb when purchasing a printer is to pick one with a maximum duty cycle that is “at least three times the number of pages you print in an average month”.
Overall, those interested in a printer should find out what the maximum duty cycle is along with the recommended maximum to print per month and the design lifetime in pages (to tell you how long you can expect the printer to last) before putting down hard cash for a machine that might not be able to keep up with heavy usage in your office or studio.
Leasing a printer

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Standard on a Lease

Of course, purchasing a printer in full isn’t the only option available to businesses. Leasing allows firms to distribute their costs over a specified term (a two year lease, for instance) so smaller businesses don’t have to raise a high level of capital to make use of a commercial printer. For example, leasing the Kyocera FS-C8520MFP printer for two years from us will set businesses back only £15.30 (plus VAT) a week. Alternatively, a three year lease on the Epson SureColor SC-T3200 only costs £17.15 (plus VAT) a week, making leasing a cost-effective venture.
We can also combine the lease with an inclusive toner package where we monitor your printer remotely and dispatch toners when they are need (up to an agreed monthly print maximum).
At the end of the lease, ownership of the printer is passed to the business for just £1 or you can choose to upgrade to a newer model. Considering the life expectancy of some printers on the market, it might just be worth looking into a lease instead of purchasing outright.