The recent Recession prompted many companies to get longer life from their IT .  PC sales dropped  during the Credit Crunch  and many companies rather than replace computers opted for IT Support Contracts- effectively a business outsources the IT support to a third party in return for a fee. These contracts increase in price as the age of the equipment increases.

IT Maintainers will charge on average £40 per month per computer  and costs increase with Server and more complex systems. Additionally as the computer ages this cost will increase by circa 20% per annum.

The average Small Business operates with 5 X PC’s plus a Server . Costs  over a three year lifecycle for IT support could  Year One – £3000; Year Two- £3500; Year Three- £4200……….Over £10,000 !

Included within every computer leased from HardSoft is a comprehensive three year hardware warranty with telephone technical support  plus remote dial in support. Our lease price for an average new PC system is £25 per month. Over 3 years that is  £900.

For £185 per month we will supply a new Server install with 5 X new PC’s and install it………then maintain it for three years. Thats at least £50 per month cheaper than maintaining an old slower system.

During a recession businesses turn to short term savings. As we leave these difficult times a HardSoft lease is the only logical choice …………. Get new systems now with inclusive support for a fixed monthly cost……..that we will GUARANTEE is cheaper than maintaining an antiquated IT system .

Send us your renewal quotation from your IT maintainer and we promise to open your eyes with our true alternative to traditional IT support contracts.


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