Why Lease Computer Devices?

14th November 2011
Group project work on an Apple desktop

Leasing  finance is a very flexible way of acquiring new Computers. HardSoft have been offering tailored solutions on Macs and PC’s for over 25 years. The advantages include:

  • Macs and PC’s can be paid for from the revenue they earn
  • Finance rates are very competitive, often better, than bank interest rates (because of the security provided by the asset)
  • Longer-term options than many bank loans, typically 3 to 5 years
  • Fixed rates, making budgeting easier
  • It is generally non-cancellable by the lender, providing certainty to businesses
  • Leasing finance offers real value to businesses with limited capital, or those that need to manage their cash flow.
  • It is accessible to sole traders and limited companies.
  • Available to New Start Ups
  • It can be very cost effective, as the provider can often buy assets lower, and sell higher, than an individual business. Companies can choose to leave the acquisition and disposal of equipment to the experts
  • In a recession, leasing is particularly well positioned to help businesses when most have low taxable profits
  • Depending on the situation, companies may benefit from tax advantages . Have a look at the HMRC site on the advantages of leasing