Why does Apple want you to Trade in your old iPhone?

13th October 2022
trade in your old iphone

Can I trade in my phone for cash? If you have an iPhone, you can absolutely trade in your old device for cash. In fact, for businesses, this is a smart way to gain money towards upgrading to newer and better Apple equipment for your staff.

You can actually trade in all Mac computers, Apple laptops, (including MacBooks), iPads, and iPhones.

You could receive cash or put money towards an upgrade and your next device lease.

You can take part in an Apple phone trade-in with certified resellers such as Hardsoft.

So, for businesses looking at Apple phone trade-in, there are plenty of advantages:

  • Receive money for old hardware
  • You can now upgrade to superior equipment
  • Money off your next Apple device lease
  • Reliable Apple trade-in value quotes from Hardsoft
  • Simple, fast service where Hardsoft collects the old iPhones for you
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As we can see, when an Apple phone trade-in is conducted with a certified, reputable reseller like Hardsoft, companies have many benefits trading in their old Apple phones for cash.

However, you might be asking yourself why are there benefits at all? Why would Apple want to give money for the return of old and used devices?

How Are Old iPhones Still Valuable?

Old iPhones retain much of their value and have many applications even when they are older.

Apple defines a device as vintage if the model has been out of circulation and unavailable to purchase directly as new for between five-seven years. It is not considered obsolete until the model has not been available for direct sale from the manufacturer for over seven years.

Thanks to the durability and longevity of Apple hardware, the equipment remains valuable for resale for quite some time.

While you may be ready to upgrade, other businesses, potentially smaller ones with less budget, could still make use of older devices. This presents Apple with a strong opportunity to attract new customers with cheaper, second-hand devices.

Let’s look in detail at why Apple wants you to trade in your old phone.

Repurposing – Since Apple products like iPhones are such high quality and last a long time, they can easily be repurposed, wiped, and resold second-hand. This helps other smaller businesses access great tech affordably.

repurposing apple devices

Extracting Components – Even when the hardware itself is not in prime condition, the individual parts and components can be harvested and used to repair other second-hand Apple devices, thereby extending the life of multiple devices.

Value to the world – With repurposing and extracting components, the life and functional use of all Apple products are extended. This has great importance to computer sustainability and reducing impacts on our environment. Less new devices are required as quickly, and less harmful materials end up in landfills as e-waste.

Value to people – Businesses like yours can upgrade to fast, sleek new models and increase productivity even further, while smaller companies gain access to quality tech they could not have otherwise afforded.