The top 5 SEXIEST Windows Laptops

4th May 2016
Surface Book Hinge

Laptops are getting hotter and hotter… it is true, the aesthetics of laptops are now as important as their components. With smooth, sleek designs and beautiful materials being used to build them, we cannot get enough of these exquisite little bad boys. Here is a list of the HardSoft top 5 as voted for by our fully qualified sales team.
 5. Dell XPS 13. Steve in the office has one of these, he is always telling me howDell laptop HardSoft great it is. From him, that is praise enough! This little gem has a borderless infinity edge display in full HD. It also boasts a 256GB SSD which provides fast, reliable and silent storage. It looks damn sexy too! If you want your laptop to look this good, our leasing solutions start at just £11.75 +VAT per week on this product.
4. HP ZBook Studio G3. With a 2.7Ghz i7 or 2.8GHz Xeon E3 processor, Unknown-2
up to 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD or SATA, Dual Thunderbolt 3 ports and up to two hard drives. This laptop combines both power and portability. What would usually be expected in a large heavy duty shell, HP have managed to cram in to a laptop which is only 18mm thick! You cannot deny that the style has not, in this instance, taken place of content! You can lease this beauty from HardSoft from just £16.20 +VAT per week. 
3. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is a long name for the cheeky little contender in at Lenovo HardSoft
number 3! The jet black carbon shell has become the distinctive look of the ThinkPad and is not only stylish but super tough. It weighs less than 1.3kg which is teeny tiny in comparison to most other 14″ ultrabooks on the market. Featuring 6th Generation Core i5 processor for efficient performance and a 256GB SSD for storage. This ultra thin and ultra light ultrabook is really living up to its name. With leases starting at £11.20 +VAT per week, this is perfect for those on the move.
2. HP Spectre x360. HP weren’t wrong when they called this laptop “slim, smart and sophisticated” MHP Spectre HardSoftoving away from the traditional silver and golds of recent laptops, they have made a Ash silver and copper beauty. Also available in Natural Silver, I am impressed they have thought to come up with another name for the colour silver too. Also boasting a new clever hinge, this laptop can be used as a laptop, tablet and also in “tent” mode. Yes, propped up like a tent, it is a much better way to watch your favourite TV due to the angle for light reflection. Leasing this from £13.65 +VAT per week from HardSoft makes this affordable!
1. Microsoft Surface book. Starting at £1299 for the 13.5” version 128GB Intel i5. Then-INTL-PDP0-Surface-Book-CR9-00001-P2is laptop is all about the hinge… its so cool. Have you seen the video of how it works? It is mesmerising! Your Surface Pen is included in the price and can be used as a tablet or laptop, and looks great as both. It is super fast and super duper sexy. You can lease this laptop from HardSoft for just £11.75 per week which includes warranty and accidental damage cover.
If you need some advice on which is the best laptop for you, call one our helpful salespeople on 0207 111 1643. As resellers for all of these brands, we have the knowledge to asses your needs. All of our leases come with full warranty, technical support and the option to renew. Release your capital and equip your business with the best technology technology today!