What You Need to Know About Our Trade-In Service

4th May 2024
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In the dynamic realm of technology, staying ahead often requires upgrading to more powerful, efficient, and reliable devices. Our trade-in service offers a quick and straightforward solution to unlock the value of your older Windows, Apple Mac, Android, or iPhone devices, allowing you to seamlessly transition to cutting-edge technology.

Understanding Trade-In Eligibility

Our trade-in service is available for devices no older than five years. If your devices fall within this timeframe, we’re ready to offer you a straightforward trade-in experience. For devices older than five years, explore our recycling service to responsibly dispose of your devices, whether they’re working or not.

Unlock Cash for Your Apple Devices

Apple devices retain their value exceptionally well, and that’s why we offer cash for your old Apple devices. If you’re considering an upgrade, simply provide us with your serial number, and we’ll assess the value of your equipment. Don’t let your old Apple devices hinder your upgrade plans – unlock their value with our service.

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Trade-In Options for Intel Mac Devices

If you possess an old Intel Mac device, explore our trade-in options to discover what you could receive in return. Upgrade seamlessly from old Intel Macs to the latest M chip Macs, ensuring you stay at the forefront of technology.

Upgrade Your Windows Devices with Trade-In

Windows users, rejoice! Our service extends to all PC hardware, offering fantastic rates for upgrading your IT infrastructure. The PC Trade-In plan is tailored for businesses looking to maximise the value of their hardware.

Before initiating the process, ensure you have the model number and name of your device at hand. You can find this information in Settings under About on most Windows devices.

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A Simple Trade-In Process

  1. Click the “Trade In Now” button to provide us with the necessary details.
  2. We’ll arrange a free pick-up of your devices and ensure all data is securely wiped.
  3. Your new device(s) will be sent out under a new agreement, simplifying the transition.

There’s no limit to the number of devices you can trade in. Follow the process, and we’ll have your office equipped with upgraded machines in no time.


  • The device must work.
  • It is no older than five years.
  • Minimal wear and tear (no broken screens, missing keys, etc.).
  • Original accessories (e.g., power cable) must be included.

Responsible Recycling for Older Devices

For devices older than five years, our recycling service provides an eco-friendly solution.

Whether your devices work or not, we’ll responsibly recycle them. Explore our recycling service here.

Committed to reducing our environmental impact, we operate as a carbon-neutral site and collaborate with suppliers to limit plastic packaging and other harmful substances. Additionally, we can collect peripherals such as chargers, keyboards, and docks at any time and address, at no cost to you.

Trade-in and Trade-up with HardSoft

In conclusion, our Trade-In Service is your gateway to a seamless and cost-effective device upgrade. Whether you’re a user of Windows, Apple Mac, Android, or iPhone devices, we provide a hassle-free process to unlock the value of your older technology. Initiate your trade-in now and step into a future of upgraded, efficient, and reliable devices without compromising your budget or the environment.