What Our Customers are Saying about their iMac Pro's

13th March 2018
Group project work on an Apple desktop

The iMac Pro has landed and it certainly made an impact…

iMac Pro
The iMac Pro, the most powerful Apple Mac ever, released in December 2017. Is it any good though?

After the much-anticipated release of the iMac Pro following its 2017 sneak peek/reveal we learned that this new machine although a ‘Pro’, thankfully, wasn’t to be based on the underwhelming and uninspiring architecture of the original Mac Pro released in 2013. Instead, its all-in-one design confirmed it to be the spiritual successor to the office all-star and much-beloved iMac. So, what did they change/fix this time around? and what do real customers using the machine think of the new tech?
Following the delivery of their iMac Pro’s from HardSoft we caught up with the guys at Red90 and Ian Allardyce at Really Nice Content Ltd. to see how the iMac Pro is performing in the world of TV and Film Production and what makes this particular incarnation of the iMac product line such a landmark release.

Scott Carey 'Camera Tech Guru' @Red90
Scott Carey ‘Camera Tech Guru’ @Red90

Scott Carey is a ‘Camera Tech Guru’ from the TV film and video production company, Red90, based in Pontnewynydd, Wales. He likes to think himself an ‘unofficial’ Apple product tester/torturer with the amount of work he puts his hardware through. His old iMacs were basically spare parts before Red90’s new pair of iMac Pro’s arrived:
“I had to have a desk fan constantly blowing over my old iMac whilst it coughed and spluttered because it couldn’t keep cool with the editing work I was putting it through. Now when performing the same editing tasks I barely hear the fans kick in and everything is maintained at a constant temperature throughout. I’ve probably heard the fans come on…once? Most of the time it’s basically silent. I put these machines through their paces; I run multiple heavy applications and often edit from raw footage. I’ve had one crash on the iMac Pro when I was really putting it to task on some heavy editing work. It wasn’t unusual for me to get 10-15 crashes a day on our old iMac.”

Ian Allardyce Owner and Director @Really Nice Content Ltd.
Ian Allardyce Owner and Director @Really Nice Content Ltd.

Ian Allardyce is the Owner/Director of Really Nice Content Ltd. a Video Production company. Ian recently shot his first feature-length film “Ulaanbaatar” an indie-music drama last summer, in Mongolia! He plans on taking the film to festivals this year after colour grading it with his new iMac Pro:“It’s a really beautiful machine and is so much clearer than my MacBook. The 5k screen will be perfect for all the colour grading work I’ve got coming up on my new film. I rendered some footage which would have taken my old MacBook 30+ minutes with the fans on full, my iMac Pro had it finished in 3 and it didn’t make a sound.” 

Martin Phillips Production Manager @Red90
Martin Phillips Production Manager @Red90

Martin ‘Biggles’ Phillips is the production manager at Welsh TV & Film Production company Red90. Working as a cameraman and editor for over 30 years Martin has seen it all and even he is impressed with the speed of the iMac Pro:“The amount of time we save when we are editing is the most surprising, Scott has been working away and got more done working from the iMac Pro than he would have ever before on our old iMac’s. They have really helped increase productivity and lower our turnaround times they are sort of paying for themselves with the time they save.” 
In all of my experiences with the iMac Pro I have heard nothing but positive reviews, it seems that Apple has really pulled out all the stops with this machine and produced something really special, that: Fits the technical niche professional consumers have been looking for from Apple, whilst maintaining their signature USP of being easy to use and beautiful to behold.
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