What is HardSoft’s Flexi-Lease ‘Change’ Option, and How Does it Work?

18th December 2020
Flexi Lease Change Option Explained

Change your devices after two years and upgrade to the latest tech with HardSoft’s Flexi-Lease

Flexi-Lease is our unique solution which offers our customers 3 options after two years, which is designed to give you full control. When you reach the two-year point of your lease, your account manager will email you to let you know and tell you about the options available to you.

Is it time to Change?

Most customers choose our change option. This is because technology changes and updates at an increasingly rapid pace, meaning that you may often find yourself with a device that has dated tech and is no longer fit for purpose, despite it being only a couple of years old.

All you have to do to update to the latest technology and new devices, is take the change option. It’s really no different to your mobile phone contract, you have an upgrade available and you get a new phone whilst keeping the old. Your existing lease is ended and a new one starts when you take delivery of the new devices. You’ll find that often your monthly payments remain much the same, although if you choose a higher specification or high-end device, they may increase a little to reflect that.

Flexi-Lease Most Popular: Options to upgrade & own

Your account manager will send you an email when you have 12 months left on your lease, again when there are 8 months remaining, and a final time when there are 4 months left. This process also acts as a reminder to complete any end of term paperwork that you may need to action.

We now offer a FREE bottle of Virgin wine when you request a NO OBLIGATION quote on a Change option. All you have to do is complete the contact form and we’ll send the wine to you, whether you make the change or continue with your existing lease.

When you choose to change your devices after two years, you can either decide to keep the old ones or trade them in. If you choose to trade-in, we will give you cash on your old Macs and PCs. Simply let us know the details of the devices you’d like to trade-in and we’ll arrange collection and ensure that they are securely wiped of any data, so you don’t need to worry. The best thing about trading in, apart from the cash in your pocket, of course, is that we use the returned devices to stock our PreLoved lists.

PreLoved Devices from HardSoft – Perfect for Startups

PreLoved is another solution that we have devised for businesses who need access to great technology but need a more affordable option. Our PreLoved devices are extremely popular with new startup businesses, who aren’t quite ready to commit to a 3-year lease. PreLoved leases are 18 months in duration and help startups to create and build a credit rating for their business while giving them access to high-end technology at a reduced cost. PreLoved is the perfect solution to the ethical recycling of computer equipment too, making a small contribution to the reduction of computer waste and it impacts on the environment.

PC PreLoved products

If you’re approaching the two-year point in your lease, look out for the emails from your account manager or give them a call on 020 7111 1643. For more information on PreLoved devices, contact our sales team on sales@hardsoft.co.uk.