What is an Ultrabook ?

23rd November 2011
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The Windows laptop market between the traditional 15″ laptop and the lighterweights has been a little confusing to the business user. Intel have defined this new lightweight area as ULTRABOOKS  Already we now have 13″ options ;  the Toshiba Portege Z830, the Samsung series 9 and Lenovo have Thinkpad X1. Starting at £8.50 plus VAT per week on a three year lease . Apple were first though with the 11″ or 13″ Apple MacBook Air.
HardSoft have been offering laptops on lease for over 25 years and are a HP Preferred Partner as well as authorised Apple Resellers. Our website only carries a few of the many Laptop options available to lease and hire. From 17″ Mobile Workstations from Lenovo and HP to standard 15″ laptops from Samsung, Compaq and Sony
An Ultrabook is defined as..
  • Thin – less than 20 mm thickness/thinness
  • Lightweight – less than 1.4 kg
  • Long battery life – 5 to 8+ hours
  • No DVD drive
  • Use SSD drives
  • Use Low voltage Core CPU’s

Preferred PartnerIntel is so confident in this new area of the market that will lie between the tablet and notebook that they are predicting that by the end of 2012 it will represent 40% of PC laptops. Let us know your specific needs and we will quote you on the best lease deal available for IT finance.