What is a ModBook Pro ?

11th April 2013
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Lease the Apple ModBook Pro
HardSoft are one of the first UK Stockists for the ModBook Pro

…essentially it’s 13” MacBook Pro modified to a Tablet with touch screen capability…. and HardSoft are proud to be one of the first Authorised stockists in the UK.
So, the first question to ask is: what makes it different to this product or any other tablet on the market for that matter ? The ModBook Pro is certainly unique for various reasons. Promoted as “the world’s most powerful and largest-screen tablet computer” the ModBook is able to use all the hardware of the original MacBook Pro. It also runs with the full version of OS X Mountain Lion and comes with a 2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core™ i5 processor or 2.9GHz dual-core i7 processor, up to 16GB of RAM. There’s a choice of storage from traditional hard drive to faster Hybrid Storage or even faster SSD. The whole ModBook is covered by HardSoft with a three year warranty as part of the flexible lease package available.  Essentially pick the Apple MacBook you need then add the option to ModBook it ! It’s £15.50 per week extra on a three year lease  including full fitting.
And it doesn’t just stop there. The ModBook is also configured to work with Microsoft Windows 7 or 8 Professional. This means simultaneous access to the great software that both systems offer, whether this be iTunes or Adobe CS6 Photoshop. In essence, the ModBook is a powerful, flexible Mac computer disguised under the popular and handy tablet format.

modbook pro is a macbook pro tablet
Choose the MacBook Pro spec you want then we transform it

Who would want a ModBook?…The ModBook is for the user who sees a limit to what the current tablet market has to offer. This is likely to be true of the creative user. Not working as a touch screen, the ModBook contains an integrated pen. Claiming to have the most pressure levels on its display (at an impressive 512) and with a screen that it “etched” to supposedly give it a paper-like feel, as emphasized by the company who brings us ModBook: “if the iPad is kindergarten-style finger-painting, the Modbook is the almighty number two pencil.” It undoubtedly has great portable drawing capabilities.
Ultimately, there is nothing in the current market as good as the ModBook that is portable. However, weighing in at Modbook Pro5.4lbs it is the same as carrying around a 15” MacBook Pro in your rucksack! It is up to the user, therefore, to decide whether the advantages of the ‘Mod’ come before those of the standard ‘Mac’… And also to discover the benefits of leasing a ModBook from HardSoft who are both Authorised by Apple and the US supplier of the ModBook Pro.
Contact our sales team now for more information or a quote; on 020 7111 1643 or email sales@hardsoft.co.uk.  We shall have a demo unit in our Shoreditch store in late April and can organise the loan of a unit into your offices if you need to see it working in-situ.