What are the Benefits of 4G Laptops and why should you have one?

22nd July 2020
4G 5G on a screen with young woman behind selecting 4G

Laptops are great, as long as you have WiFi, but what if you don’t?

All the way back in 2005, laptops outsold desktop computers for the first time ever. This proved the success of portable computing, something that’s almost a necessity 25+ years later, and lead companies to add newer, more convenient features year after year. Now, you can even get 4G enabled laptops that let you browse the web even without a WiFi connection!

If you’ve never used 4G enabled laptops, you’re missing out. Keep reading to learn the benefits of 4G laptops, and why you need one.

What Does 4G Mean?

4G stands for 4th Generation. What does that mean, though? 2G is considered the advent of calls and texts over a cellphone, while 3G is defined by mobile broadband browsing — browsing the web without WiFi. 4G is the next generation and offers speeds 10x faster than 3G.
4G is also known as LTE, which stands for Long Term Evolution. So, if you hear someone using these terms interchangeably, that’s why.
A laptop must have a SIM card slot to use 4G. You must go through a provider to gain access to 4G, which involves paying for a plan. You can’t just connect a 4G enabled laptop to the 4G network right off the bat.

5G vs 4G: What’s the Difference?

5G is the brand new, next generation of wireless technology. It promises much faster speeds, and device interconnectivity unlike ever before.

The first 5G laptops started rolling out around in March 2020, and they’re all the rage. The prices can be expensive, though, making them inaccessible for many. However, the advent of 5G laptops means 4G laptops will lower in price, giving more users access to them.

What Are the Benefits of 4G Enabled Laptops?

Considering the faster speed, and the ability to use the web without WiFi, you might think the answer to this question is simple. However, there are plenty more reasons why 4G laptops are the way of the future.

A More Secure Connection

Public WiFi can unfortunately not be the safest connection. The truth is, you never know when a public WiFi connection has been hijacked by a hacker. If this has happened, the hackers may be able to access your files stored in the cloud and even save onto your machine.

With a 4G enabled laptop, you don’t have to worry about sketchy WiFi connections. The LTE connection can’t be hacked at this level, ensuring your safety no matter how sensitive the files you’re working with. You’ll also reap the benefits of a faster connection, as public WiFi is often slowed down when many people are using it.

Connect Anywhere, Any Time

This is the most obvious upside, but it has to be mentioned. The ability to browse the web, send emails, check social media, play online games — you name it — anywhere you want from your laptop is almost too convenient. You’re no longer relegated to using your cellphone. You now have a full keyboard and screen, saving your eyes the stress of squinting at a small screen, and allowing you to do more complex tasks faster.

This is particularly helpful when your Wifi connection goes down, whether at home or at work. A lost WiFi connection can cause you a ton of slowdown, and even harm your work-life. With 4G laptops, just connect to the 4G whenever the WiFi fails you!

Never Need a WiFi Hotspot Again

Most phones these days can create a WiFi hotspot anywhere. This lets you connect your laptop to the WiFi your phone emits, allowing you to browse.
This is great and all, but it drains your phone’s battery. It’s also not the fastest connection, and can really eat up your phone’s data plan. With a 4G computer, you’ll get faster speed, and save your phone’s battery by using the 4G connection.

In contrast, 4G laptops don’t see any extra battery drain when using 4G. You can browse in peace knowing your battery isn’t affected.

Faster Than Most WiFi Connections

If you’re in an area with excellent service — even if you also have a good WiFi connection — 4G tends to be faster. Pages load almost instantly, whether it’s an image-heavy site like Instagram or a video site like YouTube. You’ll have a hard time going back to that slow WiFi connection after using 4G.

Live the Remote Working Dream

COVID-19 has increased the amount of remote work and working from home hugely. 4G enabled laptops make remote work a breeze.

With a 4G laptop, you can video chat with coworkers, send files and emails, and keep in contact with everyone you need to reliably. If the WiFi goes out while you’re working, you have 4G as a backup. A 4G laptop also lets you work anywhere at all, not just from home.

You can work from the park, work out in the garden, work at a coffee shop with crowded WiFi — the sky’s the limit! You also have the benefit of a more secure connection, a crucial consideration now that so many people are working from home.

4G Laptops: How Can You Resist?

If you can afford a 4G laptop and a good plan, you should absolutely consider investing. The benefits of 4G are too good to resist. You’ll instantly love the high speeds, and the ability to browse, work, and entertain yourself anywhere you go.

We have a great selection of 4G enabled laptops and tablets available to lease, with Vodafone data plan options, and free 6GB mobile broadband on selected laptops for 12 months. If you’re ready to buy a 4G laptop give our team a call on 020 7111 1643 or email sales@hardsoft.co.uk