Ways to disaster protect your business

In the world of big business, disaster recovery and business continuity are of the most paramount importance with companies spending millions on solutions to keep their staff, departments and business working no matterleasing a server gives disaster recovery options what happens.  However for smaller businesses disaster recovery and business continuity can take a back seat due to time and monetary constraints leaving the door open to costly and damaging IT disaster.  In this guide I will be giving you a few ways of quickly and easily providing protection for your business, without spending great deals of money……..though if you were to lease one of our PC or Mac Networks then all these are included.

  1. Surge Protect– A surge protector is a device, normally in the form of a multi plug adapter, that protects your computer equipment from power surges. A power surge is an increase in voltage above the normal level in a flow of electricity. In the UK, the standard voltage is 230 volts. Should the voltage rise significantly above 230 volts, your surge protector will cut the surge protection for serverspower and ground any extra voltage in order to avoid damage to your important computer equipment. Surge Protectors are fairly inexpensive as well costing circa £30. Many manufacturers like Belkin will include insurance as well, should the surge protector fail at all, covering you in all eventualities. A UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply is like a big car battery that includes the surge protection and will keep a system going for 10-15 minutes during a power outage- just enough time to safely shut down a system.This is a must for a Server
    system where data is centrally stored. Every Server we offer on our computer leasing includes a 1500VA UPS.
  2. Onsite Backup– Data is quite simply the most important element of your IT infrastructure. Regardless of the new iMac you may have or the all singing all dancing HP Z Workstation; without data they are glorified calculators. It is estimated that 6% of all PCs and servers will suffer an episode of data loss in a given year. That is more than 1 in 20! Combined with the fact that 60% of companies who lose all of their data will shut down within 6 months; it is essential that you have some form of backup in place. If you do not have a server this can be as simple as using a memory stick to backup the data portion of your hard drive, this method means that you will have to give every member of staff a memory stick, but with an 8GB stick now costing as little as £5 this shouldn’t be a problem. Those with a server however can benefit from automated / semi automated backup solutions. This can be as simple as an external hard drive plugged into the server which takes a full backup every night to a multitude of hard drives that take full backup every night and are swapped over every day giving you a bigger scope of backups to recover files that may have been lost but not realised straight away. It will also allow you to take your backups offsite should the worst happen to your building, fire or theft.  Every server from HardSoft comes with a backup solution as standard, but if you wish to discuss your current solution give our sales team a call.
  3. Cloud backup– whilst we always recommend an onsite backup solution as a minimum the next level up is Cloud backup. This is a backup that is done via the internet overnight.  A Cloud backup protects you from cloud backup from hardsoft leasingissues such as fire and theft at your business, but it also protects you from human error such as forgetting to switch backups or not having a backup plugged in at all. With the recent popularity in Cloud products, prices have been tumbling for Cloud backup so the once prohibitive costs are no longer there. Again if this is something you would like to add to your business give our sales team a call and they can tailor a solution for you. Leasing a network system from HardSoft includes either 100GB or 200Gb of daily data back up for a full three years peace of mind.
  4. Email Continuity & Anti Virus – With E Mail firmly overtaking the phone call as the primary source of contact, it is ever more important to make sure your emails continue working. However unless you have measures in place, should your email server go down or your office become available; it can take 24 hours plus to propagate changes in the event of your disaster; and it will take a avg clodcare with all server leasing at hardsoftfurther 24 hours to revert back should you need to. By using a third party company to redirect your email you can have the ability to quickly and easily redirect your email to a new computer, IP address etc should you need to.  The added benefit is that companies can offer email backup; usually up to 30 Days; and antispam solutions at the same time. At HardSoft the solution we use is the AVG Cloudcare or for larger networks look at Sophos.

At HardSoft Computers we take Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity seriously and as such are happy to advise on your current solutions and make suggestions to help. Leasing a PC or Mac Server package includes all the se four disaster protection solutions as standard. Leasing a 5 user PC system plus the Server with all these starts at £39 per week for a three year solution that also includes warranty.


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