Financing your next computer is a sensible finance solution but leasing from HardSoft also includes an all encompassing  warranty beyond what is standard. All of our products on lease have 3 years collect and return warranty plus telephone and remote support 3 Year Warranty on Apple Macs on lease with HardSoftas standard. The warranty includes parts and labour costs plus there is no cost to our customers for us to collect and return the machine. This provides our lease customers with cost certainty throughout the lease period and prevents any unwanted expenditure and unexpected on computer repairs.

When leasing Apple Mac computers we provide the same level of warranty as standard. However, many of our Apple lease products actually come with a free upgrade to our bronze warranty as standard. This includes our normal 3 year warranty but comes with the added bonus of a next day loan Mac. So should we be unable to repair your Apple machine and have to take it away, we will get a replacement Mac to you the very next business day.

We also provide our Apple customers with the option of upgrading to a 5 year warranty including the option of a loan mac for the same length of time. All inclusive of parts and labour.

Should you require a more encompassing support option we are are able to provide a whole range of managed services from email, workstations, security and continuity. These provide our customers with total security that their IT system is completely monitored, accessible and not suffering from costly downtime.

Lease a PC with 3 year warranty with HardSoftWe also offer our Apple  iPad with Retina Display and iPad Mini with 3 years all risk insurance against theft and accidental damage. This policy carries zero excess to pay and is backed by Summit Insurance. Claims are managed by ourselves initially and there is very little paperwork to process a quick claim.

We are able to provide insurance for theft and accidental damage for all of our leased computer equipment.  Most Business insurance policies have a maximum claim for a computer for which the higher values on Macs usually exceed. It is important to note that equipment supplied on lease must be insured either via your own insurance or by our policy.

We also fully appreciate that leasing computer equipment may be a new process to many people. The HardSoft team will take the time to explain how our lease works and how leasing can benefit your business and provide both the IT solution as well as the financial solution. Leasing computers is very popular in these difficult times when cash is king and banks are reluctant to lend – or lend at a price that may include a Charge on your own house .

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