Want to upgrade your Computers but haven’t got the cash ? Then consider leasing.

IT equipment these days comes in so many different specifications, shapes and sizes, but also in so many different price brackets, it can be a bit of a headache as you try to work out what you need, how much you can afford and what your budget will get you.

But you don’t need to compromise with your computers and peripherals if you lease your IT equipment through Hardsoft. Flexibly leasing PCs, lease a pc or maclaptops and Apple Mac computers  amongst many will take away the burden of costing and budgets and give you the opportunity to lease equipment from as little as just £3 per week for a laptop.

Most businesses lease a car or a photo copier and all us us rent our mobile phones. So instead of blowing your precious cash on a hi-tech computer and hoping that it lasts you for decades, despite the constant updating and upgrading of computers and systems, why don’t you lease your IT equipment from Hardsoft. Business users benefit from new equipment every two years, or the opportunity to buy your items for only £1 after three years of lease.

Ideal for new and start-up businesses, Hardsoft offer entrepreneurs the chance to lease your choice of computers kit, whether that is Apple, HP or any other brand, with the same terms and conditions, no matter whether you started trading last week or last decade. Our Flexi-Lease option allows you to lease according to your business needs and changing requirements, we understand that all business are changing entities, and that your needs will alter according to your own market, incomings and client base.

flexible business leasing optionsThis is why we give you the chance to renew your three year lease after just two years with your Apple Mac or after 18 months with your PC equipment, and on renewal you can return your equipment for an updated version at a similar cost, or retain the technology for the rest of the three year lease period. What’s more, when you renew your lease with us you get to keep the old equipment at no additional costs – allowing you to grow your business and equipment at no expense to you.

Don’t worry though, as we won’t be offended it you don’t want to renew at this point of your contract, your three year lease will simply continue and at the three year mark you will have the opportunity to retain your equipment for a few of only £1 – and then it’s yours forever.

Every item that you lease from us, whether it is Apple, HP, Lenovo or any other brand, will be under warranty for the entire three year lease 3 years warranty with leasingperiod giving you peace of mind for any technical hardware or software issues.

Leasing Apple Macs, Desktop PCs and Laptops from a wide range of manufacturers including Sony, Samsung, HP, Lenovol and Fujitsu, Printers, Network Servers, Storage and even software to anybody, anywhere within the UK, Hardsoft’s Flexi-Lease is the best option for business users who wants their IT equipment to be up to date, worry free and flexible.


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