Wacom Cintiq

5th July 2011

to lease from HardSoft who are official Wacom Dealers and offer all products on a flexible lease. There is confusion on the differences and benefits of the Wacom Cintiq products. Wacom offer two products with names that could be confused. The Cintiq21UX allows creative professional to to draw onto a 21″ TFT screen that sits on the desk. Highly accurate it is bundled with software from Adobe and Corel. The Cintiq 21UX is available to lease from £ 14.90   plus VAT per week. Leasing is a flexible alternative to buying Apple hardware.Wacom Cintiq
The  Wacom  Cintiq 12WX is half the price and is a 12″ TFT for use on Mac or PC.  Theres no bundle of software included. A more portable solution and is available from £7.90   plus VAT per week on a three year lease. A leasing options makes higher end Mac peripherals affordable.
HardSoft Computers also offer the award winning Bamboo and Intuos4 interactive sketchbooks. The Intuous4 was awarded Creative Hardware Product of the year.
HardSoft are Authorised Apple Resellers and offer a wide variety of third party add ons. The Wacom range is new to HardSoft and NOT yet on our website but please contact HardSoft for product help and costings.