Understand the Benefits of IT Deployment With a Device as a Service Solution

2nd November 2020
Apple devices on a pink background with text saying "as your business needs change, so can your tech"

Are you unsure of the benefits that Device as a Service (DaaS) has for business? We share everything you need to know.

The world around us is ever-changing, always evolving. Adapting to these changes can be difficult, but the alternative might leave you behind. This is especially relevant when it comes to IT.

If you’re a business owner or manager, how are you maximising the benefits of technology? If you’re unsure how technology can benefit your team we’re here to help. Keep reading and you’ll learn all you need to know about the benefits of IT deployment with a DaaS solution.

Should I Buy the Latest Devices?

Have you ever purchased the latest smartphone, only to find out the company has then released an all-new version? Suddenly, your equipment is second-generation. Whilst it still works, it doesn’t have all the latest technology. Processors, graphics cards, software integrations, and more, are affected.

One of the biggest obstacles businesses face is how to update or replace our ever-changing hardware. So, if replacing hardware costs so much money and is out-of-date so fast, why do it at all?

Of course, we aren’t suggesting you throw out your laptop and go back to a calculator and a fax machine, but leasing IT equipment is easier than ever before, and the cost benefits of paying monthly and upgrading when you need to are attractive to many businesses.

You can lease computers, tablets, software, printers, phones and so much more now. Depending on your particular needs you might still want to purchase some things outright, but using leases to stay at the cutting edge can have wide-reaching financial benefits.

What Are the Technologies Benefits of DaaS?

DaaS, or Devices as a Service, is the implementation of technology to automate processes within your organisation. The benefits of DaaS, therefore, can be wide-spread depending on your business.

Property management companies can see increased efficiencies in work order processing. Paper is slow to move. Digital processes are the now and the future and are faster. Much faster. A facility manager can identify a problem, pull out a mobile device, and process a request to repair or replace it as needed. 

Devices for Teams - refit your office for just £90 per week!

As a salesperson, you can call on a prospect, present a service or product, close the sale, and schedule delivery, all from our laptop. We can even accept payment electronically. No more costly invoicing, with the added bonus of improved cash flow.

Effective DaaS lets teams share information. Let’s say your customer in London needs an item that is out of stock locally. You can see your Manchester facility has the product. Again, with only the push of a button, your product ships and the London customer is happy.

What Are The Financial Benefits of DaaS?

DaaS offers a number of benefits, particularly for teams. For starters, you don’t have the upfront expense you would leasing versus buying devices.

Restaurants are one industry moving to tablets for every server, bartender, and manager. Another example would be companies with an outside sales force driving revenue. A small to medium-sized sales force or restaurant would need anywhere from 10-20 tablets, or more.

Paying anywhere upwards of £150 per tablet depending on the functionality you need, this out-of-pocket expense adds up. Leasing for a much lower price per month makes the transition easier.

Devices for Teams from HardSoft

Devices for Teams is HardSoft’s agile DaaS solution for businesses with 40 or more team members. We can configure your devices with all the apps and security settings you need, enrol Apple devices into Apple Business Manager and deploy them with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution such as Jamf Now or Systems Manager from Cisco Meraki. Devices for Teams allows you to flex-up or flex-down during your lease, enabling you to only pay for the devices you need when you need them, and everything is covered by HardSoft’s ‘no quibble’ warranty and full-service wrapper.

All Devices for All Teams - multiple devices for different teams

Get your Devices for Teams DaaS Today

If you’re ready to realise the benefits of a Devices for Teams DaaS, the next step is easy. Speak to our expert team today and start benefiting from your new IT deployment. Call 020 7111 1643 or email sales@hardsoft.co.uk, alternatively you can use the webchat on our website to speak to one of the team.