Time to get excited…Try an iMac Pro for 48 hours, free of charge!

5th March 2018
Group project work on an Apple desktop

Have an iMac Pro delivered to your office, FREE!

1/1/20- THIS OFFER HAS BEEN SUPERSEDED BY THE FREE TRIAL OF AN APPLE MAC PRO- 2019 VERSION Available for a limited time only: Have the fastest Apple all-in-one ever released, delivered and installed in your office for 48 hours. To use as you please, in the comfort of your own office to see what all the fuss is about and how the iMac Pro’s unmatched calibre can streamline and enhance your working day.

Apple iMac Pro
Enjoy an iMac Pro for 48 hours, Free from HardSoft

This really is a unique opportunity for any business to trial, in your own working conditions, the latest tech Apple has to offer. With HardSoft taking care of all the logistics: delivery, installation and collection – free of charge, at a date to suit you. This offer is subject to limited availability and is only available for office(s) in London or the home counties, subject to the completion and approval of our application form please e-mail: Andrew@hardsoft.co.uk to take part or for more information.A credit card pre-authorisation will be required.
It’s also delivered personally by an Apple Certified engineer who will assist with set up and configuration.
The iMac Pro is an all-in-one machine designed with professional consumers in mind. Impactful, thoughtful and full of character. It has managed to single-handedly prove Apple’s mettle in the performance market with consistently outstanding consumer and technical reviews.
What our clients are saying about their iMac Pro…

Ian Allardyce Owner and Director @Really Nice Content Ltd.
Ian Allardyce Owner and Director @Really Nice Content Ltd.

Ian Allardyce is the Owner/Director of Really Nice Content Ltd. a Video Production company. Ian shot his feature-length film “Ulaanbaatar” an indie-music drama last summer, in Mongolia He is using the iMac Pro for :“It’s a really beautiful machine and is so much clearer than my MacBook. The 5k screen will be perfect for all the colour grading work I’ve got coming up on my new film. I rendered some footage which would have taken my old MacBook 30+ minutes with the fans on full, my iMac Pro had it finished in 3 and it didn’t make a sound.” 

Martin Phillips Production Manager @Red90
Martin Phillips Production Manager @Red90

Martin ‘Biggles’ Phillips is production manager at TV & Film Production company Red90. Working as a cameraman and editor for 30 years Martin is impressed with the speed of the iMac Pro:“The amount of time we save when we are editing is the most surprising, Scott has been working away and got more done working from the iMac Pro than he would have ever before on our old iMac’s. They have really helped increase productivity and lower our turnaround times they are sort of paying for themselves with the time they save.” 
Try an iMac Pro for Free from HardSoft
Based on the tremendous success of the iMac range, the iMac Pro fixes the old problems and delivers a new benchmark to users of previously unmatched levels of speed and quality. HardSoft is an authorised UK Apple Stockist offering unique leasing opportunities for business leasing on Apple as well as PC products. All computers leased always come with our comprehensive 3-year warranty and technical support. The iMac Pro is available to lease today from only £32 a week, find out more here or contact our dedicated sales-team online or over the phone on 0207 1111 643.