Touch UltraBooks…!

24th January 2013
Man on the phone and working on his laptop

are a reality with the release of Windows 8; manufacturers have all jumped on the bandwagon of Touch UltraBooks. An UltraBook is a thin and lightweight machine that usually weighs between 1.4-1.6KGs and is a Windows Equivalent of the Apple MacBook Air. An UltraBook is available on a flexible lease basis from HardSoft and starts at around £6.30 + VAT per week.

Samsung Ativ Smart PC
The Samsung ATIV – the screen detatches

However, with Windows 8 being more ‘interactive’ a Touch UltraBook is to become more popular. I am sure you have all seen the television adverts for a laptop that turns into a tablet (and vice versa).
In its simplest form Samsung has a standard 13″ Ultrabook laptop that they have added touch screen capability but if you want something more exciting then look at the Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro Tablet. With a Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, 11.6” Touch Display and a 64GB SSD Drive; it combines the power of a notebook PC with a tablet PC with a unique detatchable keyboard. So its both a slate when you want it and a fully featured laptop as well. The Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro is available on a flexible business lease from HardSoft and is only £9.20 + VAT per week.

leasing the lenovo twist
The flexible Lenovo Twist

The second option is the Lenovo ThinkPad Twist. Although it is the same concept as the Samsung, the Lenovo has a slightly different specification and a slightly different way of converting between a notebook and a tablet. The Twist still has a Core i5 processor and Windows 8 Professional, however, the hard drive is a combination of a standard 500GB SATA hard drive and a 24GB SSD. The 12.5” screen is attached to the keyboard with a small but sturdy rotating hinge. The screen can then rotate 180 degrees left or right and can then be folded backwards if you want to use it as a tablet. A fascinating deign and available to lease from only £8.10 + VAT per week. The Twist is the business version of the Lenovo Yoga. An i7 version of the Twist is available with SSD storage. Even forgetting the convertible nature of the Twist its the cheapest i7 Ultrabook. The i7 version is available on our ‘Get IT now, pay April’ deal– we deliver it now but your first lease payment is deferred until 1st April 2013.
My final choice of Touch UltraBooks is the Sony VAIO Duo 11. Typical of Sony, this is a fairly high specification and has a Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD and Windows 8 Professional. It also have a 1920 x 1080 Full HD Display. A similarity is does have with the Samsung and the Lenovo is, again, it can be used as a notebook or a tablet. However, the one downfall of the Sony is the method it uses to convert it to a tablet from a laptop. The VAIO Duo 11 uses a hinge which enables the screen to slide forward not leaving a lot of room to use your finger on the trackpad. However, Sony have combatted this by providing a stylus (that can prove annoying to use at times !) The Sony also comes in more expensive than my other 2 choice and is £12.95 + VAT per week on lease.
Overall, I feel the Lenovo is certainly the best machine of the bunch though its early days and many many Touch laptops will be made available to lease or buy in the coming months ! including the Microsoft Surface in its business guise.
Leasing also allows businesses to change and Upgrade your PC after just 18 months. Though leasing is over a three year period  you will never be stuck with a model that’s older than 18 months. Leasing is subject to status but we have many years of arranging lease finance for  both new businesses for credit and those with a difficult credit history. Our pay later lease deferal option is not available to new businesses or those with a poor credit history.
For more information on any of these products feel free to contact our sales team on 020 7111 1643 or email