If you a Mac user or a PC business user then we all tend to start with 2 or 3 computers then add a few more and very quickly you  have a small network running. However by the time you are at 5 or 6 computers you really must consider the benefits of adding a dedicated Server to the business. This though in these difficult times can be considered a luxury and just another expense but with HardSoft Computers our flexible leasing scheme makes it cheaper, and easier, than you think.

Its a fact that there are actually less Servers being used in small business today than a year ago. It’s not that business hp proliant server leasing from a preferred partner doesn’t need them its just that they’ve become too unafordable in the recession.As a small business expands there are considerations ……. Is my data backed up? Are emails safe? Can I monitor my employees ?  Can I block sites in certain hours? If you answer NO to any of these then now’s the time to get a dedicated Network Server. Usually cost is the normal barrier to an SME getting a network server but at HardSoft we offer the range of HP Proliant Servers on lease for just £ 18 a week or the Apple Mac mini Sever for just £7.80 a week on our flexible leasing scheme.Can I get Support ? Is it actually affordable ? leasing has the answer.

a fully managed server lease is very cheapOur flexible business lease means you can pay just one monthly payment to get a server fully installed. Our most popular server is the HP Proliant ML330 which can be fully installed for less than £ 18.80 per week, this comes complete with automatic “cloud” backup facility, UPS battery backup and Draytek 2830n Router. Also if you have a mix of PC and Macs then you can link them all to the HP server. Our Apple & Microsoft trained engineers will install your Server and move any data across from your existing computers. The server then will store all you data and as the emails will be configured to run through the server so they again will be backed up on the HP Proliant ML330 server, all this on a flexible lease for only £18.80 a week.

If however you are purely a Mac business then use the Apple Mac mini server. Via our flexible leasing scheme we can install an Apple Mac mini server with Lacie Cloud backup and Draytek Router for only £ 13 per week. Like the HP optionmac mini server leasing this will allow all your Apple Macs to share data, use shared calenders and diaries. Plus your data is all backed to the “cloud”. Finally when you have a HP Proliant ML330 or Apple Mac mini server using you can give users full remote working either from home or another office and email to remote devices like Apple iPhones. Plus you have complete control of your users and what they surf by using black lists to block them from certain websites and control their data access.

HardSoft offer a choice of Installation packages and support options when you chose your managed IT solution from them. The chepest bronze option includes Support but no installation . The Silver Package includes a fully manged installation with Cloud back up. The Gold lease option includes all this with a more pro-active support approach that also includes new AVG CloudCare.

Call us to find out more about these benefits of our Flexi Lease and a new Server. We have many many years of experience and with sveral offices around the UK HardSoft can offer local support when you need it.


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