The Top 7 Benefits of DaaS for Businesses

20th February 2019
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Device as a service (DaaS), an agile, flexible and impactful solution which is changing the landscape of how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) operate. DaaS offers a fully tailored and flexible solution which is suitable for dynamic, growing SMEs and boasts countless benefits for businesses.

The benefits of this empowering and scalable solution are plentiful, and it is clear to see why DaaS is set for continual growth. 

If you’re a business looking for a scalable and cost-effective solution for your growing business and you want your workforce to be equipped with the very best Apple devices, together with an all-round flexible approach, DaaS is the ideal solution.

We have pinpointed the top 7 benefits of DaaS for businesses and outlined key details about this attractive solution for businesses.

1. Flexibility 

DaaS offers an agile and flexible alternative to traditional leasing methods for SMEs. The flexible nature of DaaS has countless benefits to both employer and staff.

DaaS offers businesses the choice to select a minimum of 20 Apple devices to start off their subscription. So, whichever specific device your workforce requires, a DaaS option will fulfil their requirements. From iMac to MacBook Pro, Air to iPhone, you can select whichever device is required for your team and best suited for your specific industry, adding a wide degree of flexibility.

Device as a service is also not a lease agreement and differs in comparison to traditional leasing, adding further flexibility. With no particular time frame that companies are tied into, DaaS offers no restrictions and refreshing flexibility which is appealing to SMEs.   

2. Agility

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DaaS is designed to meet the evolving needs of agile, scalable and constantly-evolving businesses. Its design fulfils the needs of businesses who regularly introduce new team members as well as new equipment.

If an industry-wide change is introduced which directly impacts upon your business operations and requires new devices to be introduced, DaaS can fulfil this need.

The agile approach to DaaS enables devices to be both added or removed depending on the needs of your business. This is possible without any penalties and adds to the agile approach of DaaS. After a short 12-month period, devices can be either refreshed or swapped, meaning your agile business remains agile and is never hindered by industry changes it cannot keep up with.

3. Cost-Effective

DaaS offers a fully cost-effective solution for business. Not only can IT buyers avoid unwanted admin fees, there are also no penalties to add or remove devices throughout the subscription. Should you choose to cancel your DaaS plan, there are no cancellation fees.

Not only will your team, and your wider business, reap all of the benefits of using the very latest devices, but you won’t have to spend money on unwanted fees and unnecessary bills.

The cost-effective nature of DaaS means business demands are met without a costly price tag.

4. Avoids Depreciation

A widely-felt frustration for SMEs is depreciation. Investing in assets which then devalue over time is both frustrating and an unwanted symptom of SME operations. A DaaS solution enables businesses to avoid any depreciation of devices and adapt and swap hardware to keep it consistently refreshed and updated.

A workforce equipped with the most up-to-date technology at the right time will be able to consistently deliver and serve the needs required within your industry. The nature of a DaaS means that unwanted stocks of depreciating hardware are not taking up space and wasting valuable funds. It also avoids the need for multiple lease agreements. This will not only please your team but will also satisfy key stakeholders that are valuable to your business operations.

5. Increased Productivity

As a business owner, you want to feel assured that your workforce is happy. This will not only assist with important factors such as staff retention, but also keep the standard of output where it needs to be. DaaS plays a pivotal role in staff productivity, which can also have a knock-on effect to other factors such as team morale and staff retention.

These critical factors for SMEs are facilitated by the flexible approach that DaaS delivers. A DaaS option unlocks the freedom for devices to be swapped or refreshed after a set time period. This ensures your team are using the right devices to meet the demands of their job and feel valued as their equipment is constantly being refreshed, which could lead to increased productivity.

Consistently using the most suitable devices will deliver better results, reduce any stress related to poor-performing technology, and will increase staff morale. Achieving a feel-good factor within an SME work environment is crucial and can be facilitated by a DaaS option.

6. Support

The HardSoft Tech team from left to right: Scott, Mitch, Ben, Gavin, Luke
HardSoft’s tech team are fully Apple certified & trained.

When any new way of working is implemented within a business or organisation, it is crucial to feel consistently supported. DaaS offers just that, inclusive, ongoing support throughout the entirety of your subscription to enable your business to get the absolute most of all DaaS has to offer.  

Each device is:

  • Configured
  • Delivered
  • Supported
  • Maintained

This means you and your workforce don’t have to spend time on these factors and can focus on growing your team and enriching your business with the backing of ongoing support.

Whether you need help at the initial stage whilst the DaaS is being rolled-out, or have specific questions about a device, the support is there.

Ongoing support means you will be able to focus on reaping all of the benefits that a DaaS has to offer your business.

7. Empowerment

The very nature of a DaaS offers a much-needed solution with the needs of growing SMEs at the heart of its design.

Businesses have the capability to fully empower their teams by supplying them with the most cutting-edge technology from day one.

From up to date hardware, constant support, increased productivity and a flexible approach, your workforce will feel a sense of empowerment thanks to the many benefits of a DaaS.

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