The Surface Book 2 is exceeding expectations, but no one cares about tablet mode

21st March 2018
Front and back views of Surface Book 2

The first reviews are in on the new 15″ Surface Book 2 delivered last month. Always meeting and often exceeding expectations; the SurfaceBook 2 was always going to be a breathtaking laptop. With phenomenal; Design, Internal architecture, hardware specification and Display. But apparently, no one cares about its other modes?

In our survey, we asked our clients what they thought of their new 15″ Surface Book 2:

surface book 2 customer review graph
Initial thoughts are very positive on the Surface Book 2

The Surface Book 2 was marketed as Microsoft’s answer to the MacBook Pro as an attempt to encroach on Apple’s tightly held professional consumer market. The problem always was, in my eyes, that Microsoft never really offered a compelling enough alternative to the MacBook & MacBook Pro or to build back trust in the brand after the recent failed releases of operating systems like Windows 8.
As you can see the vast majority of our customers have been happy so far following delivery of their 15″ Surface Book 2 with 83% of those surveyed stating they were impressed with the Surface Book and perhaps more surprisingly not a single customer surveyed said that they weren’t impressed.
This is some really engaging and exciting feedback and certainly the 15″ Surface Book 2 is managing to at least live up to the expectations placed on it by the price tag.
Almost all of our participants cited the combination of both the PixelSense Display & Hardware Performance as the reasons why they liked the SurfaceBook 2:
“Powerful performance with a large screen, and still very portable thanks to the detachable touchscreen & pen there is also so much more functionality present in the design than I ever had with a MacBook.”
“Touchscreen, it’s quick startup and the graphics capabilities.”
“The Power, High-Resolution screen and it’s Design.”
“The speed of the device and its screen!”
“Touchscreen, it’s convertible into a tablet and I can use the Surface pen directly on the screen.”
Despite exceeding expectations, the most surprising fact that our survey revealed is that few care about the SurfaceBook 2’s main USP!
How important is the detachable display?
People love the laptop, but aren’t too bothered by Tablet mode

Since launch, the Surface Range has prided itself on producing products that are both; A quality build internally but also offering an unmatched level of user-flexibility and versatility. The unique hinge and detachable feature of the Surface Book 2 have definitely been the focus of Microsoft’s marketing, but this survey would indicate very few really care, with only 17% saying that it was even an important feature on their Surface Book 2!
Brand loyalty and comfort is always an important factor when consumers make a decision regarding which equipment to get. The battle between Mac and Windows operating systems is still raging, fiercer than ever, although there are swathes of consumers on both sides of the debate PC is the current winner, still holding a far superior percentage of the relevant market shares than Apple. Partly user experience, affordability and perhaps a dash of tradition maintain that grip for Microsoft but not in the professional consumer markets.
Apple is often considered the premium choice for the creative professional however with the Surface range’s unique design, beautiful marketing (definitely inspired by Apple) and premium specifications a new competitor has entered the race and our customers have taken note. Without a doubt the Surface Book 2’s main competition is the MacBook Pro; Both selling for a similar price, with similar spec and offering a very similar ‘premium’ laptop.
Over 60% of our surveyed consumers already owned or had used Surface products in office prior to their purchasing of the 15″ Surface Book 2, this is certainly indicative of the Surface range leaving a good impression on users and perhaps of endearing loyalty towards a Windows OS.
Only 17% of those surveyed had even considered a MacBook as an alternative option when deciding whether or not to purchase the SurfaceBook 2. I would argue that this is more to do with user compatibility than marketing; Windows OS vs. Mac OS, however its interesting to note that our surveyed consumers when deciding what to spend £2000+ on often didn’t even consider the already well-established Apple alternative, especially when 50% of them have Apple products being regularly used in the office. Swaying consumers over from Apple to Microsoft or vice-versa seems a near impossible feat.
It’s interesting to see that the reason people are enjoying the Surface range isn’t due to marketing gimmicks and ultimately ‘luxury features’, instead, they are finding the Surface Book 2 to be a great quality device which is according to our survey; Responsive, beautiful and portable All of which are ultimately more important fundamentals. However, I can’t help but feel it perhaps a shame that more people aren’t finding Microsoft’s new innovation particularly exciting or ‘important’ when considering their initial experiences with the Surface Book 2.
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