The HardSoft Geek-O-Meter- our staff have some strange hobbies

28th March 2018
Group standing and looking at laptop

When you think of IT and computer companies, we bet you think of a business filled with geeks, don’t you? Well the HardSoft team aren’t particularly geeky when it comes to computers – but they are pretty geeky when it comes to other stuff, so we thought it would be fun to do a geek-o-meter to show you just how geeky we can be. By the way, not all staff chose to complete our quick survey, so there may be even more geeks out there! 

“Being a geek means never having to play it cool about how much you like something.” – Simon Pegg

Cameron in Tech
Cameron is our Chief Geek! He runs a multi-national online gaming community that has 60 members from as far as Australia and runs organised gaming events FOUR times a week.  Also paints table top miniatures AND

chief geek at HardSoft
Our Chief Geek at HardSoft is Cameron

attends a club every Tuesday that other players who share the hobby and play table top games with the miniatures. AND plays Magic the Gathering competitively. How geeky is that?

Ryan in Sales
Ryan is Deputy Chief Geek. He loves to LARP aka Live Action Role Playing (yes, we had to Google it too!) He also loves cinema, binge watching Netflix and going to see live music.

Oliver in Web Development
Oliver is pretty geeky. He plays Magic the Gathering and League of Legends (more Googling required!) and also writes poetry. He toured Europe playing Magic the Gathering for money.

Luke in Tech
Luke is fairly geeky. He loves gaming, 3D game design and 3D printing. He also loves SpaceX and Nasa, as well as the Marvel and Star Wars TV series and films.

Andrew is a boss
Andrew is up there and has a VR room at home. Stages outdoor movie screenings in the summer with a great Bar and loves a ‘Secret Cinema’.

Steve in Sales
Steve is mostly a regular guy but does play the same card game as Cameron and Oliver, Magic the Gathering, and is going to Amsterdam to play next month.

Jamie in Sales
In Jamie’s own words, he “flits between geek and old man”. He’s partial to a bit of VR gaming and LEGO, Oddly watches Bake Off and Snooker on TV.
“Be nice to nerds. Chances are, you’ll end up working for one.” – Bill Gates

Sharon in Digital Marketing
Sharon is probably our most geeky lady in the team. She loves the X-Men, especially the original cartoons, and all things Marvel. She is also a big fan of The Walking Dead TV series and has just attended her second Walker Stalker Convention in London – she doesn’t go as far as cosplay though. That would be a step too far for her!

Ben in Tech
Ben is more a petrol head than a geek. He loves playing around with and building cars, with varying degrees of success. He used to do fast track cars but now does drift track cars.

Phil is another boss
In the grand geekiness scheme of things, Phil is pretty normal. He runs Marathons and can get involved with an Escape Room, making him vaguely geeky.

Janet runs Admin
Janet isn’t really geeky at all, but she can’t cut up a banana in an odd number of pieces and will cut another piece into two just to make the total an even number!

Scarlett in Sales
Scarlett says she isn’t geeky at all. She did do a charity sky dive last year, which makes her a little crazy at least.

Michael in Sales
Michael is listed as the least geeky in the team, and the world needs some normality… he loves cooking, beer and football. He’s just one of the lads.
The HardSoft team has some strange pastimes!