The Latitude 9510 from Dell with AI and Machine Learning

24th July 2020
Dell Latitude 9510 on a white background open and in tablet views

Around eight years ago PCs were becoming more common and what we’re seeing now is that users, and especially the B2B community, are looking for more innovation, especially at the high end of ranges. So there has been a trend towards innovation and high-end technology, even at a desktop PC. Dell has responded to this by creating a new 9,000 class, the Latitude Commercial Business Line, and this 9510 notebook their first, most innovative, highest-end notebook they’ve released.

The 9510 is a 15″ notebook that is Dell’s first offering AI and machine learning to help users become more efficient in their workday. The way this AI machine learning works is that it recognises the way you work at a number of different areas, including battery management, application development, and even just the way that you toggled between different applications and use cases.

Dell Latitude 9510 front open side view

So as you go through your standard workday the Latitude 9510 will know that you are using specific types of applications, it will know how to manage your battery. It knows that you typically plugin at night. It knows that, during this portion of your day, you typically have heavy usage. So the 9510 tries to supply key learnings as you go through your day. And that could also assist it with maintenance and updates, and then management. Another part of what Dell is using with part of their Pro Support offering is trying to recognise when problems are going to occur before they happen. So it’s actually knowing what’s happening in your system and helps centralise managed systems.

Some of the stand out specs of the Dell Latitude 9510 are a 15″ high-end IPS type screen that has both touch and non-touch availability. One of the really interesting features is top firing speakers. So what Dell is offering is a speakerphone type experience within a PC. Basically, Dell took the insides of it to build a Java type system and put it in their notebook. There is also an AI type application within the speaker experience so that you can toggle between if you’re in a loud environment or if you’re in a quiet room, or if you’re in a conference call situation, it will recognise where you are and actually manage these, both the microphone and the speaker experience within that.

The top firing speakers produce, by far, the highest quality speaker experience that Dell has offered. The 9510 is also one of the first laptops to support 5G. Another interesting point is that Dell has put all of the antennas, including 5G antennas in the base rather than the top, and that allows you to keep the bezels super-thin. The 5G antenna will be around the small speaker, which gives you better throughput and allows for a better design of the system.

The Dell Latitude 9510 is perfect for business and with its 2-in-1 functionality it’s a perfect choice for working from home as well as portable enough to take with you if you do have to travel to the office or a meeting, and available to lease with our Flexi-Lease option at £23.30 per week (+VAT).

Leasing the Latitude 9510 from HardSoft is simple, choose from our Flexi-Lease, Pure-Rental, or Devices for Teams DaaS solutions, all with our 3-year ‘no quibble’ warranty which includes telephone technical support. With Flexi-Lease and Devices for Teams, you have the flexibility to change your device after a qualifying period. So you can get the latest tech for your business while you hold onto your cash flow, and with the benefit of regular monthly opex payments you can plan your finances, while making your accountant happy too.

To find out more about leasing the Dell Latitude 9510 or other Windows laptops from HardSoft, give our team a call on 020 7111 1643 or email

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