Ten Tips to reduce IT costs

Leasing new Apple & PC computers is the true way of reducing your IT costs . If that s not possible have a look at our ideas to reduce costs.

–       Save electricity– turn off your monitor when you are away from your desk, and turn PC’s off at night. A PC uses £200 of power per year.

–       Staff productivity- block staff from using popular but very un-productive websites such as Facebook, Ebay, You Tube. Most Routers have this ability.

–       Reduce your printer toner costs- don’t buy your printer toner from your traditional stationery supplier- hunt around on the internet

–       Print less & re-use the scrap paper .

–       Print in mono– very little must be in colour. Change the default settings so everything is mono naturally.

–       Ensure your Anti-Virus is up date – virus removal can be expensive

–       Review your Broadband costs– BT contracts only last 12 months- ask for a discount if you renew.

–       Ensure you are have a Back Up policy for data. Loss of data is expensive to recover and 80% of companies never fully recover after total data loss.

–       Update systems– a new computer will be faster and cheaper to run and could well pay for itself within months

–       Consider VOIP telephone calls or Skype to get free telephone calls between you and home or a branch. Most Routers have this facility built in.


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