Study supports IT leasing

7th March 2011
People working on tablets and computers

The economy may be slowly improving, but it’s still tough for small businesses to get loans to buy necessary tech gear. Even when they do they can be expensive with numerous terms and conditions.
According to market research firm IDC, which Dell Computers commissioned to do a study, businesses with budget constraints are opting to lease hardware over owning it outright. For many small businesses, investing in technology and upgrades languished with the economy over the last couple of  years. And this is bad news for giant tech companies looking to sell their products. Many small business owners are turning to leasing as a viable way for owners to upgrade their computer technology without breaking the bank. Apples new range of MacBook Pro‘s are in some cases 10% more expensive than previous models.
The IDC study found that leasing and giving back Servers and related network storage arrays every three years is up to 25% cheaper than buying and operating the same equipment for six years. Once a PC Server reaches four years the support requirement can increase a lot, which raises expenses, according to IDC.  For instance a fourth year warranty on a HP Proliant Server can be as much as £500.
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