Stop Buying Computers for your Business. Lease Them, it Makes Sense!

21st October 2019
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Lease Computers for your Business and Hang On To your Cash Flow.

The Unseen Perils of Buying Computers

iMac Apple Desktop Front View showing free upgrade to 16GB RAM
iMac 27″ with FREE upgrade to 16GB RAM from £12.08 per week

After their people, most businesses depend on technology for their productivity. We face complex challenges in business, and so need flexibility in processes. Too many companies still but their computers and it becomes expensive to keep up to date, not just with the upfront costs but the damage slowing devices can cause to your team and their productivity. Now, with economic uncertainty rising, these capital purchases are being further delayed.

Prepare for Growth with a HardSoft Lease

With a HardSoft Computers lease, you can secure exactly the right computers for your business with fantastic all-inclusive benefits.

With a HardSoft Lease, you don’t just get more choice, there are more all-inclusive benefits and flexibility:

HardSoft Computers have a Solution for You

Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 tablet view
Dell XPS 15-7590 from £18.05 per week

The UK’s most influential computer leasing and subscription provider will create a bespoke solution for your business – we’ll make it easy now and for the exciting years to come.

Get in touch with our knowledgeable Sales Team and they will help you to find the perfect devices and lease solution for your business.

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