At HardSoft Computers we pride ourselves on the flexibility of our Lease Packages and ability to accommodate the needs of our customers even when those needs aren’t always something your average Lease Company would be comfortable providing.Adobe Authorized Reseller

As is common in the industry finance funders can be uncomfortable leasing more Software than 20% of the total value of an order meaning you can’t always get every user in your office the latest Mac or PC with the most up to date design software.

At HardSoft thanks to the special relationship we share with our funders we can offer at least 50% software leasing for New starts, Sole Traders and Partnerships, allowing you to ensure every one of your new Apple  iMac’s, Servers or PC’s  can be leased with its very own copy of Adobe CS5.5 Design Premium for example. Its £9.50 per week on a three year lease. It’s not just a ‘ boxed ‘ product we can lease but also software licensing as well. Microsoft MOLP licensing is available for any Microsoft software including Windows Server.

To take this further if you are a 3 Year trading company there is a good chance we can offer you a 100% Software lease, so if those Quark xPress and Adobe Licenses just aren’t in the budget for 2012 but a new project dictates you have it call us today about Software leasing and see how we can help.

HardSoft Computers are Approved Resellers of Adobe, Quark, Nemetschek (Vectorworks), Microsoft, Kerio, Apple , Sophos and Avid to name but a few…HardSoft are a one stop shop for the supply and leasing of your new software. Not sure if we provide what you are looking for email


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  1. Peter

    So thanks for it. I hope you can continue this type of hard work to this site in future also … Leasing is an excellent means of financing software. Even for a company with large cash reserves, leasing can prove to be the right choice by accounting for software acquisition off the balance sheet I’ll share this link in my knowledge management manager with my colleagues