Short-term Hire Now Available

17th August 2013
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Unfortunately this offer is no longer available. We do however have our new Creative Club, Get the extra tech you need, when you need it. Join Hardsoft Creative Club from as little as just £6 per week and choose from a pool of tech including iMac Pro, MacBook Pro 15″ Touch Bar, Surface Pro Blackmagic 4K pocket camera and more.

Traditionally, HardSoft have always offered long-term leases on computers and other equipment. Lease agreements that span 3 years, with the possibility of upgrading every 18 months, act as a permanent solution for businesses that need the constant use of up-to-date computers but don’t want to or cannot afford to pay the full cost price outright. Leasing is the direct alternative to buying. Yet, whilst long-term leasing works for many here at HardSoft we realise that it isn’t for everyone. There are many situations when you might need a computer for a month, a week or even a day. If this is the case, HardSoft are now pleased to say that we are happy to help !

We are able to offer to business users a 15” MacBook Pro or an Apple Desktop on a  short-term rent for a minimum of 2 days and a maximummacs for hire of 10 weeks. All Macs available on short-term lease work straight out of the box and include Mountain Lion, Microsoft Office 2011 and a 30 day trial of Adobe CS6 Master Collection. Getting hold of the equipment is quick and easy. You can collect your Apple Mac from our Cheshire Street office (just off Brick Lane), where we act as a local reseller of Apple products, on the same day that you require it or it can be delivered straight to you with delivery costs included in the costs. We are also able to offer same day delivery at a small cost within the TechCity area of London. What about pricing ? An Apple Mac Pro with a (non-Apple) 27″ display is priced at £185 per 2 days or £265 per week. A 15″ MacBook Pro is priced at £115 per 2 days or £165 per week. A 15″ MacBook Pro Retina is also available for hire at a slightly higher cost. We also apply a 5% discount to each multiple of the rental period. So rent for 2 weeks and you get 10% discount on the total.

HardSoft employees at the BVE Show 2012 showing the benefits of leasing
Taking part in an exhibition? Then a short-term hire is a great option for you!

Why is short-term hire useful ? Short-term rental is highly convenient in many situations. If your Mac breaks, for example, and you cannot live without it for work or lifestyle reasons, we are able to loan you another immediately whilst yours is being repaired. Alternatively, if you are undertaking a specific project or taking part in an exhibition for a limited period of time it might be more cost effective for your company to hire the relevant equipment for just a few weeks as opposed to purchasing outright. Furthermore, if you have a new employee and need a computer for them instantaneously, short-term hiring might just be the perfect option for you. As you can see, there are endless reasons why hiring a Mac is often the viable option.

In keeping with our long-term leasing policy, short-term hiring with HardSoft are easy and flexible. If you need to extend your contract by just a few days for example then this isn’t a problem. For more information or to enquire about taking out a short-term rental then give us a call on 020 7111 1643 or pop in to our Shoreditch Office.