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17th August 2013
Short term hire Mac and laptop on pink background

Work From Home offer… Ten x Lenovo V130 Laptops for 30 days @ £145/€160 each

Shipped with Windows 10 Professional and includes delivery & collection to a single location in the UK or Ireland….. Click to view offer... Apple Mac’s, PC Desktops, iPads are all available for quick 24-48 delivery from our massive stocks.

Lease or Hire?

HardSoft has always offered long-term leases on computers and other tech equipment. Lease agreements that span 3 years, with the possibility of upgrading after two years, act as a permanent solution for businesses that need the constant use of up-to-date computers but don’t want to, or cannot afford to, pay the full cost price outright. Leasing is a direct alternative to buying. Yet, whilst long-term leasing works for many, here at HardSoft we realise that it isn’t for everyone. There are many situations when you might need a computer for a month, a week, or even a day. If this is the case, HardSoft are now pleased to say that we are here to help! All devices available on short-term hire work straight out of the box.  Prices include nationwide UK delivery and collection. If you need Microsoft Office 2016 then this can be added at a cost of £14.50 as a one-off cost.

Work from home offer - pink background with HP laptops

We can offer business users a wide range of devices on short-term temporary hire, from just a day up to a month – if you need longer, you can discuss options including our ‘Devices for Team’ solution. If you regularly have unexpected demands on your IT then ‘Devices for Teams’ is similar to a DaaS solution yet has the agility to add or remove devices as you need to without paying a penalty or a premium for this flexibility.

HardSoft has always offered long-term leases that span 3 years, with the possibility of upgrading after two years. This is a permanent solution to an outright Capital purchase for businesses that need the use of the latest up-to-date technology but don’t want to, or can’t afford to, pay the full price immediately. BUT for just a few weeks the short term rental of computers can get you out of a ‘hole’.

Why is short-term hire useful?

Short-term rental is highly convenient in many situations. If your Mac breaks, for example, and you cannot live without it for work or lifestyle reasons, we are able to rent you another whilst yours is being repaired. Alternatively, if you are undertaking a specific project or taking part in an exhibition for a limited period of time, it might be more cost-effective for your company to hire the relevant equipment for just a few weeks as opposed to purchasing outright. Or, if you have a new employee and need a computer for them quickly, short-term hiring could be the perfect option for you. As you can see, there are many reasons why hiring IT is often a viable option.

Hire IT! Man's arms using apple device inset on pink background

In keeping with our long-term leasing policy, short-term hiring with HardSoft is easy and flexible. If you need to extend your contract by just a few days for example then this isn’t a problem. For more information, or to enquire about taking out a short-term rental, then give us a call on 020 7111 1643 or email

If you looking for the flexibility to add, subtract, and change the number of devices you need, then take a look at Devices for Teams by HardSoft. Small Opex tax-friendly monthly payments, true flexibility, and full support, as well as keeping the latest tech without a cupboard full of depreciating assets! Call Devices for Teams on 020 7111 1643 or email

Devices for teams (25+ devices)
Devices for Teams by HardSoft